Benefits of Walking Through Pregnancy

walking through pregnancy

Over the course of my pregnancy so far, minus the awful first few weeks where I barely left the couch, I’ve tried really hard to incorporate walking into my routine at least a few times a week. I know it’s not exactly the same level of exertion as all of the running I was doing,… 

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Was It Really That Long Ago?!


This weekend we shot up to Missouri to be with Adam’s extended family and celebrate his cousin’s high school graduation. It was a short and sweet trip, but just long enough to feel like we were able to get away for a little bit. The whole time I couldn’t help but think about when I… 

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Baby Ingle: Nursery Inspiration – Neutral or Bust

neutral nursery inspiration

As I start to think about what Baby Ingle’s nursery will look like, I’m A. overwhelmed and B. so incredibly excited and just tickled to death it’s not even funny! I’ve always been a big fan of neutrals when it comes to nurseries, and I’d prefer to stay away from the typical blue/pink walls and… 

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Weekend Recap: Cheese Dip, Flowers, and Sleep

pretty spring wildflowers

This weekend was wonderful. Plain and simple. I feel like we got a lot accomplished, but also spent a lot of quality time together, which I’ve been all about lately! Let’s recap, shall we. Friday night after we got home and let Miss Truckee out, I had a serious craving for some cheese dip and… 

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15 Things I’ve Learned About Morning Sickness


Over the past 15.5 weeks (really weeks 6.5 to now) I’ve dealt with my fair share of morning sickness. I like to call it the morning sickness saga. It’s been humbling, difficult, and even sometimes hilarious. I mean really, puking in the car with your husband every morning on the way to work has to… 

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Scenes from the Little Red River


Just popping in today to share a few photos from our weekend on the river! I already shared my iPhone pics, but had a few photos on my camera I needed to upload as well. It’s not a super fun giveaway or an intense running post, but it IS easy on the eyes, so, enjoy!… 

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