Our First Turkey Day with A


Happy day after Thanksgiving! Or Black Friday. Whichever you prefer to celebrate! I’m usually out shopping right about this time, but this year things are a bit different. Online shopping is where it’s at! Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving up in our college town with Adam’s brother’s family and his wife’s family. We were intending on… 

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Adeline: One Month


How has it already been one month?! I feel like I completely missed the month of October and the first half of November has been a blur. And now, here we are at almost Thanksgiving! My blog has definitely turned into a baby blog for the time being, but only because I haven’t had much… 

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DIY Girly Woodland Creature Mobile

diy woodland creature mobile

Last weekend, while my mother-in-law and I were shopping at Target, we came across the cutest bin of Christmas ornaments. I immediately picked up a furry ‘A’ to start off Adeline’s collection, but then we noticed how cute all of the ornaments surrounding it were. There were several woodland creatures, fur stars, and fur balls, and… 

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Easing Back into Exercise Postpartum


Hello hello! It’s currently pouring down rain, Adeline is snoozing (finally!), Truckee is snoring, and I’m curled up on the couch with a cup of tea, and maybe a few bites of chocolate. So far, it’s a good morning! Or afternoon now, I guess. Easing back into a fitness routine post-baby is something I always… 

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Checking In: Weekend Update

IMG_8043 (1)

I’m still alive! I have to remind myself of that some days. I’m going to try really hard to work blogging back into my normal routine, but it may be a slow and steady process! I will never understand how bloggers find the time to blog consistently again with a new baby. That just can’t… 

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True Life: The First 2 Weeks With a Newborn


Whew! I’m still alive, barely, but things are getting easier and easier as each day passes! I didn’t mean to completely drop off the planet after I shared Adeline’s birth story, but I haven’t had the time or energy to gather my thoughts and sit down and jot down a blog post. It’s amazing how… 

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Adeline’s Birth Story


Look who’s back! I’ve basically abandoned my blog for the past week, while I’ve done anything and everything I can to simply survive the first week of being a new mom. There are simply no words for how amazingly beautiful yet incredibly difficult this past week has been, and I have so much I want to… 

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Still Pregnant!

walking at past due date

40+3 today! Still pregnant, folks! Last night I took a good long walk around the lake hoping to get baby girl moving along. The fresh, cool air felt amazing, and I’m sure I received a few “she’s about to pop!” looks along the way. I couldn’t believe how good I felt walking last night, and… 

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40 Weeks + Pooches and Pumpkins

40 weeks pregnant

And here we are! 40 + 1 weeks pregnant today! This weekend we were really thinking maybe Miss Adeline would make her appearance, but no such luck. She is definitely on her own timeframe, and just like her mother, she’s running behind! No surprise there! We decided to distract ourselves on Saturday by attending one… 

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Adeline, We are Ready for You!


Yesterday I had a heart-to-heart with Adeline, and told her that it was a-ok for her to arrive anytime now. The world is a scary place, but it’s much more exciting than floating around inside my belly forever. I let her know that… Big sister Truckee has been preparing for your arrival ever since February. She… 

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Pregnancy: Week 39

39 weeks pregnant

Time for yet another pregnancy update! Today marks 39+4, and I simply can’t believe that we’re 3 days away from our estimated due date (Sunday). THREE DAYS PEOPLE! I am feeling every single emotion you can possibly feel, as well as every single possible pregnancy woe. I am more than ready to meet our little… 

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Promo Code for Hot Chocolate 15/5k Nashville 2016


Yep, still pregnant! I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow with a week 39 update. We’re currently sitting at 39+3 and I couldn’t be MORE ready to have this baby. Stay tuned! Promo code for Hot Chocolate Nashville 15k/5k on Feb 13, 2016 is NASHBUFF5. Enter at registration online HERE. Guess what time it is! HOT… 

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Pregnancy: Week 38

38 weeks pregnant

Welp, here we are. The very end of week 38, about to begin week 39. I honestly thought Adeline might have made her appearance by now, but it would appear she is quite comfy. Maybe next week! Week 38 has definitely been the toughest week of pregnancy yet. I’m feeling completely done, exhausted, uncomfortable, and… 

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The Final Countdown: Spoiling Our First Born


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PedigreeGives #CollectiveBias Yep, you read that correctly. Our first born has technically not been born yet, but our OTHER first born certainly has! If you’re a long time blog reader then you know that Truckee has been our pride… 

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