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Workout Recap: Tuesday Night Crunch

Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday! It’s another workday over here, but somehow it’s made better by hot coffee, rain coming down outside, and Christmas music playing between both our offices. Something came over me last night and I decided I’m officially in the Christmas spirit, even if it’s pre-Thanksgiving. I’ll happily admit that I’m a pre-Thanksgiving decorator, so all you haters can crawl back in your hater holes. There’s less than 50 days ’till Santa Day!!

Speaking of last night, I hit up the gym for my second workout of the week. I used to love working out at night, and would thrive on going to the gym after Adeline went to bed. But lately, I just can’t do it! I’ve been finding time to go during the day instead, but yesterday was just a little too busy to squeeze it in. I’d sat around in my workout clothes all day with hopes of going on my lunch break, then after a meeting, then before daycare pickup, but it just never happened. So after dinner, and after bedtime, I made myself scoot out the door and get my workout in, regardless of how tired I was.

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared a plain jane workout recap, so I though I’d get back to the blog’s roots and share a rundown of what I did. Use it as motivation, inspiration, whatever works for you! Like I said on Instagram a few weeks ago, “Taking care of you is the best selfish thing you can do.” Amen, amen, amen.

I know a lot of people prefer to stick to one muscle group when they workout, but when you’re a busy mom who’s lucky enough to squeeze in any workout, you’ve got to be efficient! I prefer to do more of a whole body workout each time, because it leaves me feeling accomplished and productive. I may not do cardio every time, but I do like to do a mix of arms + legs.

  • Bicep dumbbell curls – 20 lbs, 2 X 8 each arm
  • Overhead dumbbell tricep extensions – 20 lbs, 12
  • Upright rows – 20 lbs, 12
  • Overhead shoulder press – 15 lbs, 10 each arm
  • Lateral raises – 7 lbs, 2 X 8
  • Forward lateral raises – 7 lbs, 2 X 8 each arm
  • Dumbell goblet squats – 35 lbs, 3 X 10
  • Seated leg press – 95 lbs, 2 X 12
  • Lying down leg curls – 40 lbs, 2 X 10
  • Seated leg extensions – 55 lbs, 3 X 10
  • Bicep dumbbell curls – 20 lbs, 10 each arm
  • Overhead tricep extensions – 20 lbs, 10
  • Overhead shoulder press – 15 lbs, 10 each arm
  • Treadmill sprints – 3 1-minute intervals, 7 mph, 7.5 mph, 8 mph
  • Crunches – 32 (random, I know, but I was dying!)

I’m excited to start focusing my blog more on fitness again. I feel like it’s really drifted away from why I started it in the first place, and I’ve really missed having it as that accountability parter. I’m hoping to start sharing more insight into my workouts, both here and on Instagram. A little extra honest and real motivation and encouragement is good for all of us! I think we can all get lost in the “perfect” Instagram accounts – the ones who are the perfect moms, with the perfect houses, with 6 pack abs, perfectly done hair and makeup everyday, and approximately 98759374 followers. Remember that Instagram is a highlight reel, and don’t get stuck in that comparison trap! I think I’m over the facade of perfection that Instagram puts on, and I’m ready to get back to more authentic storytelling. Anyone else?

Did you workout last night? Share a new exercise with me! What should I add into my next workout?



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    November 8, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    I haven’t worked out yet this week because Rich has been working late, but I’m going tonight and this inspired me!
    Katie recently posted…My Full Life: A Mom of Two, Beautycounter Manager and Public Information Officer Shares How She Balances It AllMy Profile

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    November 8, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    Way to get a workout in! Last night, I had a 3 mile run in the cold rain. It was lovely…but seriously I felt so good after I got it done (even if I was dreading it!).

    I love to do Russian twists when I work on abs. Sometimes I’ll add a weight for a challenge but it’s awesome just with your bodyweight.

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    November 9, 2017 at 5:59 am

    I love to workout but I cannot at night. I am done by then. I like a mid-morning or mid-afternoon workout. I’ve been taking Mason to the playground and working out there or in the backyard. I am going to be sad when winter hits.
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      Sweet Miles
      November 9, 2017 at 11:09 am

      I’m usually the same! It was rough going Tuesday night, and it actually kept me up SUPER late when I got home! I definitely prefer a mid-day workout 🙂

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