Why Is Running So Hard? – How To Make It Easy!

Running is a hard and intense workout by nature.  As your body gets conditioned to running, it does get easier.

We will talk about why running is hard for beginners.  Then we will go over ways to make running easier and how you can work up to running a mile at a time.  Finally, we will cover how long it takes for running to get easier for new runners.  Continue reading this guide to find out how you can make running easier for you.

Why Is Running So Hard

Is Running Supposed To Be Hard?

Running is supposed to be difficult when you are beginning.  There are several reasons for this.  It is a full-body workout that puts strain, wear, and tear on multiple joints.  Every running step that you take places a greater force on your body than simply walking does.

If you have persistent pain when running or afterwards, it is best to seek out professional advice.  People who try to run too quickly often suffer from shin splints.  Likewise, if your knees become quite painful, you can look into a smoother total body workout, like rowing or swimming.

Ways To Make Running Easier

Beginning runners will usually benefit greatly from a run and walk combo.  There are some apps, such as “Couch to 5K”, that can guide you through the process.  This allows your body to build up to running instead of jumping in feet first.

As you become a more efficient runner, you should look for the correct intensity for you.  This intensity will be were running doesn’t feel awful and you know that you can keep going.  It should be a bit challenging on most runs, although it is okay to take easier, long runs as well.

Increase your mileage very slowly to lower the risk of injury.  Keep running the same distance for 3-4 weeks.  Then slowly add in mileage as you become more comfortable with the distance and how you feel.

Cross training will allow you to improve your physical strength and cardiovascular efficiency.  Consider adding in days of rollerblading, rowing, or swimming to counter your running days.

Some people do better running outdoors where they can see new scenery and deal with natural inclines.  Other people prefer treadmills where they can keep a strict eye on time and laps.

Having something to listen to can make running, outside or on the treadmill, far more bearable.  Put together a play list of your favorite songs or maybe download your favorite show or podcast.  If you have something you enjoy to listen to on runs, you will find the run goes by quicker.  Some songs even cater to running with set beats, such as “Bang Bang” or “Shake It Off.”

What Can A New Runner Do To Be Able To Run A Mile Without Having To Stop?

First, you should slow down.  You need to condition your body to run.  If you find yourself having to catch your breath, you need to slow down your pace.  As discussed above, take walking breaks while you run as you build up your stamina. 

Beyond this, you should maintain consistency.  You should start with a few days a week with rest days built in.  As you begin to manage better, you can add on mileage or days as you see fit.  If it hurts, ease back on your running.

A final step in running long distances is believing that you can.  Mindset plays a large factor in how well you perform day in and day out.  Take each day one step at a time.  One mile at a time.

How Long Does It Take For Running To Get Easier?

Running getting easier will vary from person to person.  You should give yourself at least three months to notice a change or progress in running.  Using a tracking app to keep track of your run times can be beneficial as you can see the improvements as they happen.

Individuals who are in better shape to begin with, individuals who are younger, and individuals who are closer to a healthy weight will likely experience running getting easier at an earlier time than others.

For some people it will suddenly just click and they realize that they don’t actually hate running and it is kind of enjoyable.  A lot of people use running as an escape from reality, where they can think about things in their life.  Other people learn to enjoy the social aspect of running by connecting with others and taking part in races in their communities.

Final Thoughts

We have gone over why running is so difficult for new runners.  We’ve also gone over tips you can use to become a better runner and how you can work up to a mile.  Finally, we went over expectations you can have for when running may become easier for you.  You are on your way to becoming a successful runner.