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Welcoming Fall With a Bucket List

Now that we’re halfway through September, I figured it was time to start looking towards my favorite season of the year – fall! If it could be fall all year ’round, I’d be one happy girl. The weather, the leaves, the colors, the activities…it’s literally all perfect. October specifically has several family members’ birthdays, which of course adds to the fun. If I had to choose, October would probably take the cake as my favorite month of the year.

I remember our first October with A was the month she was born and lived her first two weeks in this crazy world with us. We didn’t do much, but snuggling her on the couch with a hot cup of coffee while leaves fell outside will always be a magical memory in my heart. Flash forward one year and we were celebrating her first birthday! It felt like we celebrated all month long, and packed that October with family outings to pumpkin patches, festivals, and her first Halloween costume. Once again, magical. Last year, we enjoyed our first October here in Texas after our big move. A turned two, and while the month was hotter than previous years spent in Arkansas, we still got out to see the pumpkins and even the Dallas Arboretum’s fall exhibit. Magical? Yes.

This year though, we’ve got two kids on board! A is already a pro at this October business, and surely has grown to know how much her mother loves the fall season. (Her dad too!) And now that B is coming out of the newborn phase and entering the infant stage, I’m excited to take him along with us to do all the things! He’ll turn two months old on October 7, and I can’t wait to introduce him to pumpkins and show him the pretty colors as the leaves start to change. Clearly, he’ll just be along for the ride, but seeing both he and A experience this fall season together is probably going to go down as one of my favorite falls yet.

I’ve put together a fall bucket list for our little family, and while I know we most likely won’t accomplish every item on the list, it’s still fun to dream big, right? At least, as big as you can dream with two very small children!

I always say that the -er months are the best time of the year – SeptembER, OctobER, NovembER, and DecembER. And this year I think it will absolutely ring true. I know as soon as we’re done celebrating October, it will be time for all things Thanksgiving and Christmas, which can only mean more magical memories and family adventures.

So without further ado, here’s our simple fall family bucket list, version 2018! I tried to make it as generic as possible, so feel free to pin as inspiration!

PS totally hoping B let’s me take an insane amount of photos of him like his big sis did! #wishfulthinking

fall family bucket list

What’s on your family’s bucket list for the fall season?


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    September 21, 2018 at 7:59 am

    What a fun list! We live a couple hours west of Dallas and have a 5 month old, so I’m curious about the Arboretum–what’s it like in the fall? And where are you going to Oktoberfest? Sounds like I need to plan a road trip that way .

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