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Weekend Recap: The One With Thanksgiving, Cookies, and Hiking

Hey friends! It’s been a minute since I’ve hopped on here to do a weekend recap and share some personal photos from our little family’s festivities. We’re wrapping up the best Thanksgiving break and I wanted to share some of our memories. I just went on a nice 5k run, and I’m curled up on the couch while our babies nap catching up on The Resident, so I’m giving myself the gift of a little ME TIME and opening up the ‘ole blog.

I wrapped up work on Wednesday afternoon, and on my way home picked up a cookie decorating kit for us to do on Friday. (More on that later!) Wednesday night, we headed to a Pie Night – a tradition that started amongst some of Adam’s family friends and has been going strong for several years now. Friends of friends of friends simply gather together on Thanksgiving Eve for pie, dessert, coffee, and fellowship. We sampled a little of everything, the kids ran wild, and one little girl, in particular, ate her weight in pumpkin bread!

Thanksgiving morning, we were up bright and early ready to head over to Adam’s parent’s house to turn on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and start our holiday! I mentioned maybe running our local Turkey Trot, but alas, it was rainy and cold which meant running was a no-go. I opted to save my money and spend the morning snuggling at home with the kids instead, and I’m not mad about it one bit! Once we got to my in-laws, we took it easy and had what was maybe our most “chill” Thanksgiving to date. No rush, no stress, just cooking and prepping for a big lunch while the rain came down outside. We put Barrett down for a nap and he ended up sleeping for 3 hours in Adam’s old cave of a bedroom which meant I was able to enjoy every last crumb on my plate before he woke up. I’d like to call that a huge win in the mom department! After lunch, we played games, let the kids play together, then headed home in time for early evening naps.

Thanksgiving night, before the kids woke up from their naps, I headed out for a little early Black Friday shopping! I told myself I was going to stick to online-only this year, but I couldn’t help myself and headed to Walmart and Target around 6pm. It was as crazy as you’d expect at Walmart, but Target was surprisingly less eventful. I got myself a cup of coffee, put on a podcast, and enjoyed a few hours shopping and people watching by myself. I came away with a few great doorbuster deals that I can’t WAIT for Santa to deliver on Christmas morning!

Friday morning, we had a family breakfast date before heading out to the lake for what was supposed to be our hike, in honor of REI’s Opt Outside program. But, it was still pouring down rain, sooooo we ended up driving home and spending most of Friday around the house, cleaning, snuggling, and making those cookies. Oh, and I ordered our Christmas cards and 2019 family ornament – woo! (For those on the edge of your seats wondering, I went with 50, and decided to try and simplify my list and postage spending this year!) The kids went down for super late naps again, so we ordered pizza when they woke up, and called it an early night.

Saturday morning, we woke up to gorgeous weather which meant we could finally go hiking! We headed out to Eagle Mountain Lake and it was, at first, about as you’d expect hiking with a one year old and a four year old to go, ha! Lots of “carry me, hold me, I’m thirsy!” and “put those sticks down, don’t pick up those rocks, stay on the path, this way not that way!” But, once we got some of our wiggles out we were good to go and really enjoyed ourselves! The kids loved being outside, and Adeline probably would have stayed out there all day. I’m so glad we did this! It’s always a goal of ours to get outside more, but you know, life. So, this was a start!

Saturday afternoon the kids passed out from all the hiking, and once they woke up we grabbed a quick dinner and went to Target to walk around before bedtime. Do any other families out there do this? I know Dave Ramsey makes fun of people who do this, but one of our Targets here is a Super Target and is always so dead so the kids are able to run around and not get lost in crowds. We love grabbing a coffee to split, and just taking our time exploring the store. Please tell me some of you do this too as a cheap family date/way to waste time!

Sunday, we church’d, napped, and I squeezed in a nice 3-mile run. It was my first run since my half 2 weeks ago, and I felt GOOD! It was a little tougher than I think it would have normally felt but I’m still dealing with this upper respiratory sinus mess. My On’s still feel amazing and I am sold on them 100%! I feel like I’m cheating on my Brooks, but they are legit you guys. I’m planning on reviewing them soon and breaking them down for you!

Sunday night, we prepped for the week, I worked on wrapping up B’s 1-year photo book and watched yet another Christmas movie on Disney+. Anyone else living on Disney+ lately? So far we’ve watched Noelle, Klaus, Santa Clause 1 & 2, Elf & Rudolph (not Disney+), White Christmas, and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure 1,000 times.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break with YOUR family! I still can’t believe we’re officially into December now – HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. 2019 has absolutely flown by, faster than probably any year in my entire life. Not cool, 2019, not cool!

What did you do for Thanksgiving? How did you celebrate? Did you Black Friday shop? I’ll be back soon with our Christmas home tour!

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