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Weekend Recap: The One With a Workout, Sad Roses, and High Chairs

Hello hello! Happy Monday! Here we are again. Anyone else coming off of the high that was last night’s Thrones episode? *bites fingernails*

We had a lovely weekend, so I thought I’d jump straight into a recap. What started out as a weekend with no plans, ended up being exactly that. We didn’t really do anything too crazy, or stretch ourselves too thin, but still ended up feeling accomplished and spent. But maybe that’s just life with two little ones? I guess I’ll never know!

Friday night, we hurried out of here after work wrapped up to meet some friends for dinner at our usual pizza place. We stuffed our faces, then picked up ice cream on the way home as a special treat for Adeline after having a good day at school. Before bedtime, Adeline helped me water our new flowers and plants, something she’s been absolutely loving. She’s been having a blast discovering frogs, caterpillars, and watching the different flowers bloom. We also added a little bird feeder this weekend, and though we’ve yet to see any birds actually use it yet, I’m hoping they will discover it soon! I’ll never forget when Adeline stood off to the side yelling, “Here birdy, birdy! Where are you birdy?! Come get your food!” Pro bird watcher, that one.

Saturday morning, bright and early before we headed to our usual family breakfast date, I hustled to the garage for a workout. It. Felt. So. Good. To. Workout. Before. Breakfast! I felt strong the rest of the day and didn’t feel near as guilty eating my chocolate chip waffle! Ha! We also added a new weight bench to our little home gym and I’m SO excited about it! Our little garage set-up is coming along just swimingly, and I’m feeling extra motivated at the moment! At breakfast, Barrett sat in the high chair for the first time like such a big boy and he LOVED IT! Lately he’s been pretty intolerant of being in his car seat so the high chair has been like a breathe of fresh air for him I think!

After breakfast, we cleaned the house, then headed to gymnastics. Another weekly favorite I’m going to miss whenever we decided to move on. Adeline is loving it so much right now that I’m not sure we see an end in sight anytime soon, but we’ll see! I know she wants to try soccer this fall, so yay for that! (I’m secretly counting down until the day she’s old enough to try lacrosse – eek!!)

Saturday afternoon, while both babies napped, we finished cleaning (and by we, I mean Adam, I actually took a nap!) and then we rallied together to go check out a new-to-us local tamale place! If you saw my stories on Insta, then you know we also had CHOCOLATE TAMALES for dessert. Incredible. I’m usually just a simple chocolate chip cookie kind of gal, but God have mercy these were delicious! When we got home, we took the kids on a short walk down the street so Adeline could practice her balance bike and B could show off his beach body. Someone, me, forgot to put pants on the poor dude so his sweet chunky thighs were on display in the stroller and my heart could barely handle it!

Sunday morning, Adam took off early for a long run, then we headed off to church. The sermon topic recently switched gears from a series on race, to now a series called “Epic Grace” and I’m really enjoying it so far. After church, we went to lunch with family, then Target, then came home and got the kids down for a nap. Side-note: I picked up a few cute date-night/churchy tops I’m excited to add to my wardrobe – anyone else notice that Target has hugely stepped up their clothing game?? Anyways, while they napped, I tried to work on salvaging one of my rose bushes. I’m afraid it’s down for the count, and I’m super bummed about it! They started out so strong and beautiful and after having been planted for just a few days they’re pretty sad looking, especially this one. Still not 100% sure what the issue is, but I’m hoping it can be saved.

LOL if that’s not the saddest looking rose bush you’ve ever seen. BUT to my credit, the other 3 are surviving much better! For now at least. Our soil is just awful to begin with.
Hot mess express over here! First time in the cart as a big boy! Nevermind the cart cover that’s pulled every which way and big sis hanging off the other side of the cart!

And Sunday night, Adam and I sat out on the patio and enjoyed the perfect temps for a bit once both kids were in bed. I’m really loving our little patio space, as mismatched as it may be. It’s been one of my favorite places at the house lately, and with our string lights, our couch, and a new fern, it’s feeling juuuuust right! I’ve decided to name my fern, Feeny, and fingers crossed it doesn’t die either! (Anyone remember the love fern scene from that early 2000’s rom-com How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days? “You let it diiiieeee?”)

And that brings us to now. Another week! I’ve officially got the summer itch, and can’t wait for ALL things warm weather and outside. I want to plant all the things, hike all the trails, play outside all the hours, and go on all the fun trips. With May literally almost here, I feel like we’re finally embarking on Summer 2019 and I can’t wait! I have so many great things on my to-do list and am feeling like it’s going to be a really good time.

Do you have a green thumb? Can you fix my roses? Do you watch GOT? What’s on your summer to-do list? Do you have a love-fern?

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    May 8, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Great post. I stumbled across your site since I’ve been having trouble getting my roses to thrive. I hope you roses bounce back but mine are out for the count.
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