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Weekend Recap on a Tuesday: The One With My Fourth Mother’s Day

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! I meant to get this recap up yesterday, or even Sunday night, but I’m exhausted you guys! Isn’t it funny how even though we ‘take a break’ on Mother’s Day, it still leaves us even more tired than before? Mom life – we’re never truly off duty!

Let’s back it up though to Friday, and recap it all. For a while I stopped doing weekend recaps, but I think I’ve decided that even though they’re probably the least exciting posts I write, they’re some of the most fun for me to look back on. And well, you’re here too, so I suppose you must enjoy them as well!

Friday morning was Muffins with Mom at Adeline’s preschool! She was so excited to do this again together, and we had a blast enjoying some extra and much-needed girl time. Even if it just a few minutes before school! I could tell she thought it was so cool having me there, and when I looked back at last year’s photo from Muffins with Mom, she’s got the same excited, proud, squished nose smile, but looks approximately 10 years older. TIME YOU ARE A THIEF AND I DO NOT APPROVE!

Friday night, there was a bit of a kerfuffle, if you will, with Adam’s work, so he ended up needing to work for most of the night. While he worked, I took the kids out to Chick-Fil-A, because, where else would we go, then came home and crashed pretty soon after. We hit up the drive-thru because I was not about to fight the Friday night CFA crowd by myself with Adeline wanting to play on the playground and Barrett not wanting to sit in his car seat. I used the rewards on my CFA app to treat myself to two chocolate chip cookies in order to not feel so guilty about skipping out on the actual fun part about CFA. Ha!

Saturday morning, after a pretty exhausting night (B woke up twice again, ugh!), we all slept in then headed out for a rainy breakfast at our new favorite little breakfast place. We used to have the cutest coffee shop nearby in a big barn, but it went out of business thanks to poor management. Finally, almost two years later, a brunch spot opened up and we are LOVING it. I went three times last week! We enjoyed a wonderful family breakfast just the four of us, and Adeline absolutely devoured her Mickey Mouse pancake + two slices of bacon + two pieces of sausage + probably half an egg. The girl.can.put.it.away.

After breakfast, we came home and got ready for gymnastics! Like I mentioned in my post last week, this was the last class before showcase week. (This upcoming Saturday!) They did a run-through of everything, and it was so cute. I can’t wait to see her show us everything she’s learned up close next week. This class kind of through her off though – I think she could tell it was different, since they were like practicing their order, and each of them running into the gym, I think it kind of freaked her out a little bit so I’m hoping the stage fright doesn’t mess her up too much on showcase day. She actually needed to come out and have a little chat with me to calm down at one point, which has NEVER happened before. Nerves maybe? I’m sure she’ll be great once we’re in the gym with her though.

After gymnastics class, we came home, did lunch, and got both kids down for naps. While they napped and Adam worked some more, I headed out for a long run. And by long run, I mean FINALLY longer than a 5k! Since it was stormy all weekend, the temps were cooler than usual so I knew it was the perfect time to put in a few extra miles and push myself a little harder. I went over to a nearby park, that has a great flat loop, and knocked out 5.1 miles. I started out focusing on hitting my fastest postpartum 5k time, which I did!, then added on two easier miles. I was so excited to see 28:31 at the 5k mark! Such a huge deal, mentally, because it just shows that my hard work is paying off and I’m not only getting stronger, but also getting more endurance. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m feeling better and better!

Saturday night – YA’LL. I literally don’t even remember what we did Saturday night. Now that’s mom brain for you, goodness. I guess it wasn’t that wild of a Saturday night then! Welp, moving on! The only thing I can remember though is taking a nice long shower and organizing my bathroom countertop – HA! WILD NIGHT! Oh, and Barrett slept through the night! Happy Mother’s Day to meeeeeee!

Sunday morning, we attended church, and of course snapped a few Mother’s Day pictures before we left. Both kids cooperated and that’s all I could ever ask for! Barrett did great in the nursery, Adeline made the sweetest artwork for me in her class, and it was just a great service overall. Anyone else feel like they need Sunday mornings to hit the reset button?

Why you be so cute little Bear?! That smile!

After church, we had lunch at Adam’s parents house, and Barrett napped the entire time, which was fantastic because it meant I got to eat my entire lunch! And slowly, too! That boy is the sweetest. After lunch, we headed home so Adam could wrap up some work, and so the kids could nap. While they napped, I dug in a bit further into all things Zyia (which I’m LOVING btw, and would love to have you join my Facebook group or follow along on Instagram to stay up to date on new releases, restocks, and promos!). For dinner, because the kids napped so late, we didn’t even get ready to leave the house until 6, which meant there were huge waits everywhere so we just ended up grabbing something quick. No biggie though – I did NOT have the energy to do a nice sit down meal somewhere with the kids anyways! Anyone else feel me??

Sunday night, we joined the rest of the world and watched Game of Thrones episode 5, and were hugely disappointed and annoyed. The final season started out so strong, and the last two episodes have both just been a disaster in the writing department. There’s one last episode remaining to wrap things up, and I’m honestly not feeling too optimistic. Which is super frustrating because we’ve been huge fans up until this point! GAAAHHHHH

And that brings us up to speed. Yesterday was a crazy busy Monday, and both kids had a doctor’s appointment, on both ends of the work day. Add in the actual work day, and needless to say it was exhausting, which is why my weekend recap is comin’ at ya on a Tuesday!

I’ve got another workout to share this week, as well as Barrett’s 9 month update (HOW?!), and some more details on Zyia! So stay tuned!

Do you like weekend recaps? Do you want to see more day in the life posts? How was your Mother’s Day?

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