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We Sold Our House! (And Bought a New One!)

Well, cat’s out of the bag! We sold our house! (And umm have been living in our new one for like 3 weeks now, ah!)

If you read my previous post, then you’ll know we’ve been wanting to move for a while. We always knew that house would be for a fairly short season, although we definitely thought we’d live there for at least a few more years. Our plan was to sell our house in January or February, move in with Adam’s parents for a month or two, and take our time looking for something we really loved once more houses came on the market. And really, as long as we found something by the time Adeline started Kinder in August, we’d play it cool. But, spoiler alert – things happened FAST!

We put our house on the market on Saturday afternoon, January 23. We had 1 showing that night. The next day, Sunday, January 24 we had 8 showings. And by Sunday night, we had a verbal full price offer and were under contract by Monday morning! Our closing date was set for Friday, February 26.

Crazy, right? You just wait.

Between getting our house under contract January 25 and February 7, we went to look at 3 different houses, and put offers on 2 of them. (4 if you count the house we looked at a few days before our house went live.) The first one ended up accepting an offer $25K OVER asking, clearly beating us out. The second one, is kind of a wild story. So back in November, Adam had gone to an estate sale in an older home, in the exact area we wanted to be. He gave his contact info to the estate company, fully expecting to never hear from anyone. Fast forward to January 30 and he got a call from a realtor who was preparing to put that house on the market. We did some digging and after learning more about the situation, we decided to make an offer the following day, Sunday, January 31 pre-market. The realtor told us it wasn’t going to market until that following weekend, so our hope was that maybe we could sway the seller (older man, brother of the owner who had passed away) and avoid the house going to market all together, thereby also avoiding a bidding war. We wrote a sweet letter and made an offer $10K over their proposed listing. The only reason we went ahead and made an offer was because Adam had actually walked through it back at the estate sale in the fall. I hadn’t seen it yet, but trusted what Adam thought of it. And, we knew in this market that houses in this area are like a needle in a haystack so when you find something you see potential in, you act fast! Long story short, he loved our letter and even told the realtor, “They’d be perfect for the house and are the type of family we’re looking for.” However, he STILL decided to take it to market and the house went live that weekend. So, now we’re at Saturday, February 6. The house of course blew up and supposedly they had 20 showings on day one. Even after our realtor checked in with his realtor throughout the week, we felt optimistic but also annoyed that he was stringing us along for a week. We didn’t feel comfortable pulling our offer though in case he DID actually end up accepting it, though we doubted he would. They decided to ultimately accept offers until the following Tuesday, February 9. So, we hung on and tried to be patient.

At the same time that this was going on, we were also in talks with Adam’s sister about a house in Adam’s parent’s neighborhood. Also a long story short, a sweet older retired man was going to be selling his home soon and had, over the past few months, talked with Adam’s sister about maybe selling it to her. We knew about the house, but hadn’t thought much of it because we worried it was probably too small. In the end though, the timing just wasn’t going to work for her, and she offered to tell the man about us and see if he’d be interested in selling it to us instead.

So, on Monday, February 8 we went to look at the house I explained above, WITH the owner, loved it, and well, by Tuesday we were under contract! It’s definitely small, but it feels just right. One of our goals was to downsize so this worked out perfectly! We were able to purchase the home pre-market, and the seller was nothing but gracious, kind, and easy to work with. He’s the original owner of the house and has taken impeccable care of it. We couldn’t have lucked out more, truly!

After a traumatizing and incredibly stressful home selling/buying process back in 2017, the Lord has truly shown mercy on us and blessed us even more than we could have imagined. We closed on BOTH houses Friday, February 26, back to back. After our seller closed, he took us out to lunch and not only paid for our lunch, but also prayed for us. He told us how important it was to be kind these days, and that he wanted us to be able to look back, many years from now, and smile on this experience. (Cue the tears!) After lunch, we headed back to our OLD house, and began loading up our cars to start the moving process! We hauled loads back and forth in our cars for the entire weekend, with movers taking care of all our furniture and big items. Thankfully, we’d included a 3-day grace period on our old house, so we had until Monday evening to be fully out.

So, here we are, 3 weeks later! (Sorry ’boutcha, been a bit busy!) We are absolutely loving it! The yard is an absolute DREAM (.46 acres, whereas our old house was so small it was just measured in sq. ft. Ugh!) Basically our old backyard is less than half of our front yard. And, our old front yard, is less than a quarter of our new front yard. With 40+ trees, I can’t even count them, as opposed to literally one tiny baby tree. We are in Heaven over here to say the least!!

I feel like I finally have some blog content again, ha! I can’t wait to share all about our remodeling journey and decorating the new house! We may have downsized our house, but we upsized the yard to almost a half acre. I’m giddy over the trees and all the usable space; it’s truly a dream come true!

Stay tuned for more pictures and our first two major projects: kitchen and fresh paint!

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    March 29, 2021 at 1:04 pm

    What a great story of God’s grace. The owner praying for ya’ll is priceless! Can’t wait to see all these new house 🙂

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