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Updating Our Lights With Amazon Finds

When we first moved into our house, there were a number of things I knew I’d want to change eventually. One of those things included updating some of our light fixtures. Because we moved into one of those pre-planned suburbia neighborhoods, our house was basically a copy-paste from our builder. They used basically the same kitchen textiles, flooring, beige trim, and basic light fixtures in just about every house in our neighborhood. And not that the light fixtures were even that bad, they were just – basic. You know – chrome on chrome and not even close to our style. Thankfully, light fixtures can be easily updated, and don’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

It took nearly 2 years to make this change, or start rather, but it’s amazing how big of a difference such a small swap can make! You don’t realize it, but lights are such a huge part of a room. I never used to really notice them, or even care what they looked like until we started thinking about replacing ours. Now, I’m hooked and want to replace ALL our lights!

Here are the lights we purchased, all from Amazon, and all very affordable. We hired a local electrician/company to hang them for us, and honestly, THAT was more expensive than the fixtures and bulbs themselves. But, it was worth it 1,000% to hire someone to do it for us – considering the height of some of them, there’s no way we could have done them all ourselves, and correctly at that.

Entryway/ Stairwell lightsCerdeco Vintage Foyer 4-Pendant Lantern

Dining room lightWestinghouse Stella Mira 6-Light Chandelier Barnwood and Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Half Bathroom Light LNC Wall Sconce, Farmhouse Barn Gooseneck Light Fixture

Overall, I’m pleased with these updates! I think next on my list would be to update the lights in our master bathroom and the kids’ bathroom, as well as the lights in their bedrooms. I really like this one for Adeline’s room and this one for Barrett’s room! Ahh the possibilities!

Thanks for reading! What have you updated in your home lately?

*We’re still trucking along on our coffee bar shelves. And by trucking along, I mean, I at least carried the shelves in from the garage last week. HA! Ooof.

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    September 30, 2019 at 8:58 am

    I love the updates!!! We’ve been in our house almost 9 years and I need to do some updates too! It’s so hard to tackle though!

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