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Updating Adeline’s Big Girl Room Without Really Updating It

When we moved Adeline to a big girl bed at 2.5, just a few months before baby brother joined us, all we really did was exactly that – swapped out her crib for a twin bed. We didn’t really redecorate or make any other changes other than buy her some new bedding. (Which she refused to even use, and instead insisted on sleeping on top of her bed, under her favorite blankets or in her unicorn sleeping bag!) We kept her room exactly the same other than her bed, and up until just recently, it’s stayed that way. And it’s really been fine! When we first “designed” her nursery, I picked prints and items that I thought could grow with her over time and that weren’t overly “baby” and thankfully now, nearly four years later, I still love mostly everything in there. I can’t quite bring myself to part with her original nursery items just yet (like the big fabric bunting above her bed!) and I think we can get at least another year or two out of her decor. So, when I started the process of “updating” her big girl room a few weeks ago, we attempted to update it without really updating it. We made a few minor changes that I think have already made a big impact, for very little cost! (And even if all we’d done was declutter and organize, it still would have felt like a new room! It’s amazing what a good cleaning can do for a messy room!)

Here is a list of the changes and “updates” we made:

  • Pulled bed away from the wall
  • Moved nightstand and lamp to side of bed and off of her dresser
  • Moved glider and ottoman out into playroom/donation pile
  • Moved unicorn sleeping bag into closet (what she was previously sleeping in on top of her bed!)
  • Decluttered and reorganized books and stuffed animals, moved some stuffed animals into the closet out of the way
  • Decluttered messes off of bookshelf and dresser
  • Re-hung original white ruffle curtains (over the summer I’d hung some blackout type curtains I had laying around to try and help her sleep better)
  • Moved around a few of her art prints on the wall just for a change-up
  • Purchased new rug
  • Purchased new light fixture
  • Purchased new white sheets to replace Frozen sheets (she won’t let us replace her Frozen pillowcase though, ha!)
Before (left – just an average messy day!) and After (right)
Before (left) and After (right)
Before (left – constant random clutter!) and After (right)

Now, I’ll be honest. I went back and forth over her new rug for way longer than I should have. A huge part of me wanted to buy her a trendy, Instagram worthy, stylish rug that would coordinate perfectly with her bedding and instantly age her room or mimic a Pottery Barn catalog. But, guys, that’s stupid. If you’re designing your kids’ rooms with Instagram in mind, you might want to check your heart. WHO CARES! Decorate your kids’ room with THEM in mind. It’s their room, after all. So, that’s the direction I went with her rug and I love it SO much. It’s from Target and it’s 100% Adeline and totally reminds me of her. It’s colorful, and fun, and doesn’t quite match everything, but it’s just right for her and totally says “little girl!”

cute light for toddler big girl room

For her light fixture, I actually had my heart set on a light fixture at World Market, but quickly decided spending $200 on a light fixture for a four year old was a bit insane. So, I found something similar-ish on Amazon and made sure to ask for Adeline’s stamp of approval before I ordered it. She’s definitely at the age where she’ll tell you whether or not she likes something, so I wanted her to feel like she at least helped pick it out! I’m OBSESSED with this wood beaded chandelier, and think it’s the perfect amount of girly for her room and will go with any future decor! It’s really a show stopper, IMO!

Changes I’d still like to make:

  • Purchase something to replace her “gallery wall” collage, like a large scripture sign, quote, monogram, or her name in a wood script
  • Paint her trim and doors white
  • Have “Santa” build her a large dollhouse to store all her dolls and accessories

All in all, her room is one of our favorites in the house. Now that we’re in a better routine of keeping it tidy and organized, we’ve found ourselves spending more time in there as a family. Such sweet memories. And, I’ve recently put her white Christmas tree up on her dress too, so it’s extra festive at the moment! She’s one lucky little girl!


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    Amanda Bumgarner
    November 20, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    So cute! I love it. We are in the process of getting a bid kid room set up for R&J (still going to share a room for now) and I’m trying to decide what color to paint and what decorations I want to put up. I love the rug you chose!
    Side note: and I am so so sorry if this is an eyeroll type of comment, but as a blog reader, I have to let you know that the ads popping up on top of your photos was so obnoxious to me when I was reading this one. Usually I just deal with it, but I was trying to look at the photos of the room, and this huge ad came up and swiped across the entire photo and stayed there and I was like, what in the world is happening???? So anyway. Not trying to be grouchy, just a friendly FYI. 🙂
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      November 20, 2019 at 10:26 pm

      I agree, it’s super annoying. I’ve just been lazy and not had time to look into why they’re rolling over my photos like that. It’s on my to-do list 🙂

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