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Trail Running in Northwest Arkansas: Our Weekend Getaway

This post has been a long time coming, but I’m finally rounding up the trails we ran during our weekend getaway to Northwest Arkansas over Labor Day Weekend, 2020! It was the first weekend of the year where we felt like we could safely get away and felt comfortable leaving the kiddos with my in-laws. We desperately needed a weekend away, just the two of us, and this trip was such a huge reset for us. We made it a goal to run as many trails, eat as many delicious foods, drink as much coffee, and go on as many dates as we could in two short days! I would say we were successful! In order, here are the trails we checked out during our time there.

Devil’s Den State Park – Yellow Rock Overlook Trail – Hike, 2.5 miles

Devil's Den State Park Yellow Rock Overlook Trail
Devil's Den State Park

This is where we started. On our way into Northwest Arkansas on Friday afternoon, we stopped by Devil’s Den State Park for a hike. We knew we wanted to do something not super long, but something with a rewarding view and Yellow Rock was perfect. The hike wasn’t difficult, in fact we could have run it. The overlook was BEAUTIFUL and I would highly recommend it!

After our hike, we headed to dinner at Preacher’s Son in downtown Bentonville. Preacher’s Son is actually inside a church that they’ve converted into a restaurant. (And in the basement they have an amazing “secret” bar called Undercroft!) Our dinner was absolutely incredible! 10/10 recommend. After dinner, we headed to The Momentary and walked around, splitting an Onyx coffee, and enjoying the cooler evening together.

Blowing Springs – Bella Vista – Dirt Trail – Run, 4.16 miles

This was our first run. The Blowing Springs Mountain Bike Trail is located in Bella Vista, within Blowing Springs Park. This trail was our favorite from the weekend, and our favorite trail ever actually that we’ve both run. It was 4 miles of semi-technical dirt and rocks.

Lake Atalanta – Rogers – Dirt Trail – Run, 3.5 miles

This was run #2, right after we ran at Blowing Springs. I’d been dying to check out Lake Atalanta after hearing how pretty it was and scoping out the dirt trail loop on All Trails/Strava. Turns out, the hype was correct because the dirt loop system around Lake Atalanta was a BLAST! Although, very confusing at a couple places. We actually ended up getting lost and learned a very important lesson…GO LEFT AT MUSTANG SALLY! Don’t make the mistake of going right or you’ll feel like you’re running in circles.

Razorback Greenway + Crystal Bridges Trail – Bentonville – Run, 3.8 miles

And here we have run #3. After we ate lunch and relaxed back at our hotel for a bit, we headed back out for a late afternoon run on the popular paved trail system known as the Razorback Greenway. The RG actually goes from Bentonville all the way down to Fayetteville, connecting the main cities of NWA and is a super impressive paved trail system. The small portion we ran loops around the Crystal Bridges Art Museum and is just gorgeous.

For our dinner date this night, we went to Louise at Thaden Field and sat outside on the patio, watching the airplanes land. 10/10 recommend this cute spot for dinner!

After dinner, we grabbed ice cream at Trash Creamery. Again, 10/10 recommend!

Tanyard Creek Natural Trail – Bella Vista – Hike, 2.6 miles

Our final mileage came from a hike. Sunday morning before heading back home, we hiked our way through the Tanyard Creek Nature Trail in Bella Vista. After picking up bagels and Onyx Coffee at at Ozark Mountain Bagel CO, we headed up to Tanyard Creek for the most beautiful early morning hike. Or walk, it really wasn’t a hike, hike. The trail winds along a beautiful creek and spring, along huge rock formations, then alongside a gorgeous waterfall you’ve got to do a little climbing to get to. It was so relaxing and pretty and probably the favorite thing we did all weekend.

Total milage for the weekend: 16.56 miles over Friday/Saturday

Highly, highly recommend spending a weekend in Northwest Arkansas, without the kids, in nature!

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    10/10 reccomend

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