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The Things She Says

Everyday it seems like Adeline is talking more and more. And I’m constantly being surprised by the things that come out of her mouth. (I can hear myself saying this again when she’s a teenager. Eek!) But I’m also finding myself wishing I could carry around a recorder and hit ‘record’ every time she starts talking because her little voice just melts my heart. There’s just something about toddler voices that are so endearing, sweet, and innocent. Of course, sometimes we wonder if she’ll ever stop talking because she’s like the energizer bunny – “Mommy mommy mommy daddy daddy hi hi hi truckee yights bus yellow bus dogs truckee mommy mommy daddy yights moooore”….and on and on!

The last update I did on Adeline was her big two year update. But, I feel like in order for me to keep track of, and remember the little things, I need to do an extra update here and there! I thought an update on memorable things she’s been saying would be fun. I want to bottle this time up, and keep the sound of her precious voice in my memory forever!

So, if you care about sappy mom things, you might have heard a few of these in your own home! Otherwise, feel free to come back tomorrow!

I want nog nog with Daddy

I wan ride in Daddy truck

I see Mommy car

Yesh or Yeaaaa (The way she answers ‘yes’ is the best!)

Ayla, Ett, Aunt Do

Pay my song! (Linus and Lucie)

Sunshiiiiine (Singing a song her dollhouse plays)

Hi Mommy! Hi Daddy!

Sun in…my…eyes

Mommy wanna see my bus?

Pizzi! (Any form of pizza is pizzi)

I see big Mickey Mouse

My hand! (Trace my hand)

One, two, pea, foooore, fffive

Bob Woss!

I broke it (or fill in the blank)


I wan watch Twolls! Popppppyy

Daddy toffee (coffee)

Mommy baf, sit! (When she wants to take a bath with Mommy in our big tub)

Chuckee, NO! (Constantly tries to tell Truckee what to do)

I see me! I see me!

Mommy rock!

I wan see Masey and Erca (her teachers)

I wan walk wif Mommy, noo buggy

Lo you Daddy

Moooooooore (More is always so exaggerated)

BB8! BB8!

We love you Adeline! And all the silly, cute things you say!

What’s a favorite thing your little one says? How was your weekend? Do you write things down that your kids do so you can remember them?



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    January 8, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    Right now B says love you too as “obb you too” and it’s SO CUTEEEEE
    Katie recently posted…52 Self-Care Habits to Start This YearMy Profile

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      January 11, 2018 at 4:11 pm

      PRECIOUS!! Doesn’t it just melt your heart??

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    January 9, 2018 at 4:26 pm

    omg so cute! I’ll have to do this when she’s talking more so I can look back on it! So cute about bob Ross…do you guys watch that show? I randomly watch it on Netflix all the time because I find it relaxing!
    Heather recently posted…10 Simple Self-Care IdeasMy Profile

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      January 11, 2018 at 4:11 pm

      Yes! You really should, it’s so much fun hearing them start to talk. We are surprised by something new daily it seems! And girl yes, we LOVE Bob Ross! HAHA! Childhood staple for sure.

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