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Our New Favorite Dinner Gadget: The Sous Vide

Hi friends! I’ve finally got Adam back to contributing to the blog, and I’m excited for what he’s sharing today! It’s literally revolutionized how we eat dinner, and has helped us make so many great healthy meals! It’s a total game changer, especially for busy families. Also, sorry this post contains photos of raw chicken. Our dinner that night was literally so good that we scarfed it down and forgot to snap a picture of the finished product!

This is in no way a sponsored post, but I do love kitchen gadgets and will test anything anyone wants to send me.

I have been wanting a Sous Vide for years. It had been gathering dust on my Amazon wish list until last December rolled around and I told everyone that a sous vide was what I wanted. Christmas day with my family arrived and I was given a wrapped gift containing a box that I had never seen but I knew exactly what it was. When the paper went flying, my eyes sparkled at the sight of my new favorite gadget as my entire family let out a collective “what is that?” Needless to say, I was very excited. Since that day, we haven’t gone more than three or four days without cooking dinner in the sous vide.

sous vide how to

For those of you out there who are still scratching your head, sous vide is French for “Under Vacuum”. So, the cooking method takes a food that is vacuum sealed (or in a plastic bag with the air pushed out) and submerged in temperature controlled water for a specified amount of time. I hope I didn’t lose you, because it does not sound very glamorous. The first meal I cooked in it was a pair of New York Strips, which I salted and peppered then placed in a gallon size freezer bag with a little bit of butter on each piece. I then sealed the bag except for a small hole and pushed the bag under water until it was up to the hole then closed it to push out most of the air. (A vacuum sealer works better at getting all of the air out, but I’m too cheap to buy one and I don’t know if there is a huge difference.) I then placed the bag in a pot of water with my sous vide attached to the side which heated the water to a consistent 130 degrees. After an hour, I pulled out a horrifyingly ugly grey steak. I used my instant read thermometer and found that it was a perfect 130 degrees throughout. After drying off the steak, I covered it in a thin layer of mayonnaise and placed it in a ripping hot stainless steel skillet. One minute on each side yielded a perfectly cooked and seared steak that was more tender than anything I have ever eaten.

Since that first steak, we have gotten our fill of red meat as well as chicken. I have never liked chicken breast because it is bland and dry if cooked all the way. But the sous vide cooks it to a perfectly safe temperature and keeps it incredibly moist. The only thing that I have been disappointed in was when I ground ribeye for burgers and they came out overdone and dry – that will take some more experimenting. (Sarah here – I thought they were delicious, but I’m ‘that’ person who usually likes their meat well done!)

I got an Anova Nano and it has been perfect for us. I also purchased a 12 quart Rubbermade container which is used for cooking and storage. I will fill the Rubbermade at about 3:30 and get the water up to temperature then drop in the food and by the time I’m done working, it will be perfectly cooked and all I need to do is finish in a skillet for color and to make the sides perfectly seared. The unit is controlled via bluetooth which I manage through my phone and can change the temperature and time from my office which is very convenient.

Overall, this has completely changed how we eat around the house. We eat steak more since we can buy the cheaper cuts or manager’s special and it will come out tasting better than a nice steakhouse. Go grab one and try for yourself, you will not regret it.

Sarah here – I had never heard of a Sous Vide other than the times Adam mentioned he would like one. I had no idea what it did, or how it worked. But, it’s amazing! The steak and chicken we’ve cooked with it have turned out incredible, and I’m usually pretty picky about my meat. The chicken especially was impressive because like he said, it was super moist and not dry, and it retained a ton of flavor. The unit is just super easy to use, and cuts out on a ton of time spent in the kitchen!

Do you have a sous vide? What’s your favorite thing to cook? What should my next fun kitchen gadget be?

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    Melanie Dixon
    October 22, 2019 at 5:53 am

    To say that my husband is obsessed with this sous vide is an understatement. Luckily, this means I don’t have to cook half as much. So thank you for this invention and making it available at a reasonable price!

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