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The Ollie Swaddle: Worth It?

I received the following product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Let’s talk swaddles, ya’ll. Swaddles are just a way of life when it comes to surviving those newborn days. At least, for us it was, and has been! Newborns and young infants often have really strong startle reflexes, so keeping those arms strapped down and away from their face is immensely helpful. With A, we were so new at the parenting game that I think swaddles intimidated us at first. She would scream bloody murder whenever we tried to swaddle her so we often just gave up in a panic. But, once we fought through it and figured out how she preferred to be swaddled, we discovered their magical powers and became swaddle believers. We quickly found a swaddle brand that we loved, and swore by it, but with B we’ve been using a new-to-us swaddle brand that I wish had been around back when A was a newborn because it’s so gosh darn easy!

There are tons of different kinds of swaddles out there, and truth be told, I actually prefer a great stretchy swaddle blanket for those first few days at home. There’s just something about wrapping up your tiny fresh newborn in a soft, cozy blanket as tight as you can that just seems right. Like wrapping up a tiny burrito if you will. Personal preference, I guess. However, using a swaddle blanket can be frustrating, especially as they start to get a little bigger and more wiggly. Like, at 2 o’clock in the morning when you just can’t seem to get the wrap right, or when they houdini their little alien hands up and out of the swaddle, breaking your perfect swaddling job, or when you’re honestly just too tired to remember which corner goes where and you and baby daddy start to argue about swaddling technique when you’re both half asleep. OR when you just can’t figure out why your baby won’t just go to sleep in the first place! That’s when it’s time to switch to something much simpler!

Enter: the Ollie Swaddle! (<– use this link for 10% off!) The Ollie Swaddle, aka The Smarter Swaddle, is a moisture wicking swaddle that wraps comfortably around your baby with the help of three velcro strips and an elastic tie at the bottom. It’s stretchy and soft and allows you to swaddle with arms in or out, depending on your baby’s preference and developmental stage. So, arms in for the first couple months and arms out once they start rolling over. It’s also a one-size-fits-all swaddle, that is basically custom fit to your baby, allowing you to swaddle as tight or as loose as you want, and the soft fabric fits perfectly around them, almost molding itself around their squishy little body.

The Ollie is known for being based on science, and it’s supposed to help replicate a womb like environment. It’s also super safe because the swaddle, when used correctly, sits just below their shoulders, so there’s not a constant pressure put on their tiny shoulder joints and so fabric can’t cover their face. This was a big plus for me because I always feel like other swaddles sometimes creep up overtime and I’ve walked in on A and B’s mouths being nearly covered, which of course freaks me out. Since the Ollie wraps so snuggly, they can’t get their little arms out either which helps keep them asleep and soothed. B LOVES being swaddled tightly and it’s amazing how quickly this swaddle calms him down and helps him fall asleep!! Seriously, sometimes it’s a miracle worker. It’s like it’s his little cocoon and he just chills out in it. He actually fell asleep while I took these pictures – I kid you not!

I cannot brag enough on how EASY the Ollie swaddle is, you guys. And you know I hate complicated baby products! It’s literally as simple as laying baby on the open swaddle, pulling the right side over the left arm, and pulling the left side over the right arm, connecting the velcro, and looping the elastic tie at the bottom of the feet. It takes like two seconds to swaddle with the Ollie and we use it almost every single night, and for at least one nap. (For now at least – I’m not a big believer in swaddling for too too long because then it’s difficult to break them from it!) It’s also cute, minimal, and every piece of it has a purpose. If you follow me on Insta, I KNOW you’ve seen it at least a dozen times in my stories.

The Ollie is definitely something I would recommend now to new parents, and I honestly think it’s worth the price. It retails for $59, but you can use this link to save 10%, now until October 23.

Again though, every baby is different, and every baby has different preferences. This is just our personal experience and opinion of the Ollie.

Have you tried the Ollie? Would you like to? Would you gift this to a new mama?



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    October 10, 2018 at 10:29 am

    Look at how sweet and chunky he is!
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      October 10, 2018 at 10:36 am

      He’s so chunky! And so fast too!

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