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The Marriage Journal

I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – date your spouse! But, easier said than done right? Whew mercy, is it hard after you add littles into the mix! We try really hard to carve out time for just the two of us, but it can certainly be difficult. It can also just be really hard to communicate all the things clearly to each other when we’re both always so focused on the kids. We’re 7.5 years into our marriage, almost 4 of those being parents, and communication is definitely not always our strong suit. We’re as opposite as they come, so needless to say, miscommunication can be quite the booger. So recently, I came across something I knew I NEEDED in our life! And I think it’s going to be really helpful, and fun, to work through together. (Side-note: this was totally my idea, but so far I think Adam likes it too, HA!)

the marriage journal review

Do any of you follow any of the Roloff family? You know the name I’m sure – Little People Big World on TLC? Well their oldest son, Jeremy, married Audrey, and together they have little Ember. They’re the cutest little family, around our age or maybe a couple years younger, but they’re just such a sweet, Chrisitan family and they run several businesses between the two of them. They recently wrote A Love Letter Life, which I’d love to read, and more recently they’ve created The Marriage Journal. And well, I ordered one! And I just had to share!

So The Marriage Journal is basically a 52 week journal for couples to work through together, once a week, to help improve communication and re-connect on a closer level. I think when life gets super busy, between jobs, and housework, and church and social commitments, and kids, and every other thing taking up time in our brain, it can be hard to take time to really reconnect with your spouse on a deeper level and remember that you’re not just roommates! Anyone else feel me??

The Marriage Journal starts off each week with a new theme word and a brief devotional/reading. Then on the other side is a week laid out where you can talk through any plans, commitments, appointments, etc. and write it all out. Basically, there’s room to get on the same page before your week starts!

Next, there’s a spread of weekly questions. The first question is always, “What brought you joy this week?” which I LOVE! I love that it starts out on a positive note, allowing you both to look back on the previous week and recount something happy. The next questions are a little more serious, such as, “What is one thing I can do for you this week?” and “How can I pray for you this week?” Ideally, you would take turns filling in both of your answers and switch off each week.

I’ll also say that at the very, very beginning of the journal there are a few questions about laying out your one year and five-year goals, as well as your marriage mission statement. We haven’t done this yet, but plan to soon!

How cute is this?? I’ve got it sitting on my nightstand, and think it’s going to be really helpful! I know it’s yet another thing to keep up with and do, but I love the handwritten aspect of it, especially since we’re both on our computers for most of the day. And of course, simply that it forces us to slow down for a few minutes at the start of every week and refocus our priorities for the week! Hopefully, we can actually make it a habit and stick with it!

Do you follow any of the Roloff family members? Have you ever done something similar for your marriage? Do you journal together or do any books together?

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    September 19, 2019 at 5:03 am

    Love them, love you, love this

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