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St. George Island Sizzler 5K + 1 Mile Fun Run

I can’t believe we haven’t recapped this race yet! While we were on vacation to St. George Island two weeks ago, Adeline and her cousin, Henry, ran in their first ever race! My SIL and I ran with the kids in the 1 mile fun run, and it was a blast. A hot blast, but it was such a fun time for all 4 of us! After the 1 mile fun run, Adam and my SIL stayed to run the 5K while I drove the kids back to the beach house to get ready for bed.

The race was on Saturday, August 3, at 6:30 PM – the same day we got down to the beach. We actually almost didn’t sign up for the race because we knew it would be after a LONG day of traveling, but we just couldn’t pass it up! And by long, I mean longest day ever. Our flight was at 6 AM, which meant we woke up at 2:30 AM, in order to get the kids up and leave the house by 3:00 AM, in order to get to the airport, check in, check our bags, get through security, and board with family boarding at 5:30 AM. We landed a little before 8 AM, then picked up our rental car, and drove 2-ish hours over to the surrounding area to meet my parents for lunch, and grocery shopping before driving over to the island. The island is also on Eastern time, so everything was pushed back an hour. We checked into our beach house around 5:30 PM, then headed straight back out to the race! I’m honestly not sure how Adeline was even awake enough to do this but she was so excited. And of course, it helped that her big cousin was running with her! I’m actually not sure how I was awake either!

So back to the race! The race was held in “downtown” St. George Island, right behind BJ’s Pizza and Doc Myers’, along one of the bike paths that runs alongside Gulf Beach Drive, then it did a loop down W Gorrie Drive, and came back to the start/finish. The 1 mile fun run started in the same spot, but instead was an out and back down a sandy back road nearby. The 5K was put on by the Gulf Winds Track Club.

It was OH SO hot. Like, so hot. Thankfully, they had water and cold washcloths at the start and finish to help cool everyone off. I was a little worried Adeline and Henry were going to overheat during their fun run but they ended up pushing through the heat and did so good!

The kids LOVED their race! They both thought wearing their own bib was the coolest thing, and loved showing off their muscles and game faces. Throughout the 1 mile fun run, anytime Henry and Adeline would get separated, Adeline would yell, “Henry, wait for me!! I’m coming!” and then Henry would slow down and walk and wait for Adeline to catch up. They even held hands a few times which was so adorable. Neither of them ran the whole 1 mile, of course, but they both gave it such a great effort for it being so hot. I was so proud of Adeline for sticking with it, and not begging for me to carry her.

After the kid’s race, we cooled off a bit, then sent Adam and my SIL, Jennifer, off to the starting line for the 5K. On our drive back, we were able to drive by the course and the kids cheered loud for them out the window for a brief second while they passed.

Adam and Jennifer both said the 5K was (obviously) super flat, but also super hot, and incredibly humid, even though it was at 7 at night! There were 4-5 mist stations along the course to help, as well as the water stations, and the finish line was under one of the tallest points on the island, giving a good landmark to run towards. Adam placed 16th overall, with a 24:32, and my SIL was 27th overall, with a 27:14.

After the 5K, there was an after party where they presented age group awards, and all participants were able to dig into a delicious low country boil dinner. All in all, it was a fun family experience, even though the organization of the race was pretty poor. There was basically no technology being utilized it seemed like – think clipboards, everything hand-written, actual stopwatches, no card reader for accepting credit cards, etc. Ha! It was a little rough, TBH, but they pulled it all off in the end and for it being on SGI, there seemed to be a pretty good turnout and spirits were high!

I’m just so proud of my big girl for running her first “race”, ya’ll! I can’t wait to do another one with her!

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