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So We’re Having a Baby + Weeks 6-8 Thoughts

THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments on our big news!!! I loved reading them, and they all made me smile 🙂 Several sweet bloggers I follow are also pregnant, and many of them are due in October as well, so I’ve been bursting at the seams to say something! I’m not planning on turning this into a pregnancy blog per say, but it is obviously going to be a heavy topic for the next few months, mainly for my own sake. Hopefully you’ll enjoy following along on this crazy ride!!

I’ve waited my whole life for the chance to become a mom. In fact, all I ever wanted to be was a mom. Growing up, when asked what I wanted to be when I finally did indeed grow up, I’d say I wanted to be a wife and a mom. That’s what my own mom was and why wouldn’t I want to be just like one of my greatest role models? It really was surreal when I turned around and saw that second pink line on the pregnancy test. I kind of thought maybe it was a dream, or I was just seeing things. Or at best I had bought a cruel joke pack, where each test is positive no matter what. Surely it wasn’t positive, that fast, after just one month of “trying”. Craziness, I tell you! I immediately started crying, my hands shaking, wondering who I should call or text for mental support! My first thought was to call my mom, because who doesn’t think to call their mom first when they are FREAKING OUT!  It was a snow day, but Adam had gone into work anyways, so I was home alone and I wanted to tell him in person when he got home that night. I ended up calling one of my girlfriends who I knew could keep a secret better than Olivia Pope, and she and I squealed and chatted for the better part of my drive to Walmart where I bought a newborn onesie to surprise Adam.


I found out at 5 weeks 2 days, and my cycle was somewhere from 5-10 days late. I’ve never had a regular cycle, ever, and even my husband and I joke that I can’t be on time for anything in life, not even my own cycle. I also knew that back in November I had completely skipped a cycle all together, and that alone had skewed how long the apps on my phone thought my next few cycles would be. So the idea that my period was somewhere between 5-10 days late, wasn’t really that big of a deal. It’s been 2 weeks late before. After my marathon in January, I honestly assumed it would funk up my cycle again, and I may or may not even ovulate. But, I ended up starting a few days early instead. I figured of all cycles this year to be thrown off, it would have been this one. Nope, definitely wasn’t thrown off. I had been tracking my cycles in my app since about August, just to get a general idea of how long they were on average, yada yada. You know, basic stuff to report back to your doctor. We’ve been very much actively preventing pregnancy ever since we got married, but I knew it was always a good idea anyways to keep a record of your cycles. I also had been completely off birth control for about a solid year, mainly because it made me crazy. For. Real.

We’d decided several months ago that we would start “trying” for a baby after my marathon in January. I knew the last thing I wanted was to try and run my marathon pregnant, and now that I know what the early stages of pregnancy feel like, there would have been NO way I’d have enjoyed that! I may not have even been able to run it all together! Anyways, we knew trying in January would be our starting point, knowing that on average it could take 3-6 months, maybe longer, assuming we were both healthy. Our plan was to have fun with it, not stress, and let God take care of everything. I tried my best to research ovulation signs, and read about what my body was trying to tell me. And apparently, we timed things perfectly. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!! We are incredibly blessed, and I will never take that for granted.

These past ~8 weeks have been some of the hardest weeks in my life! No joke. I have never felt so out-of-control of my own body as I have during this new season. As someone who is always very active and really has control of their body and how they feel and what they eat and how much they exercise, this has been a really tough feeling to deal with! It’s seriously felt like I haven’t been myself. A part of me can’t believe people were so surprised at our news, because my Instagram sure as heck should have been a tell-tale sign! Hello, I haven’t posted a RUN since…probably when we found out. A few walks here and there, when I actually felt like I could get out and walk, but other than that, exercise has been completely on the back burner! I’m really hoping the second trimester brings with it more energy and less nausea so I can get back to working out and have the active pregnancy I want to have! I honestly think I will be doing a lot of walking, biking, and hopefully some light strength training. I’m not sure at the moment my thoughts on running, but I am sure that whatever exercise I partake in will be all about listening to my body, and doing what feels right. Exercise is so, so important for a healthy pregnancy, and if that comes in the form of short walks at a time, then I will celebrate whatever I can accomplish!


I’ve been taking secret notes since week 6, just jotting down thoughts here and there on what’s been going on as well as a few journal entries when I thought about it. I always tend to see similar “survey” type pregnancy posts on blogs, so hopefully this will be a different change of pace! Also, I’m currently too lazy to re-format it. So, hope you enjoy my stream of consciousness!

Weeks 6,7,8 Notes

-Morning sickness hit me hard at 6.5 weeks…was taking a shower one morning and BAM, I desperately needed to get out of the shower and go puke!

-Threw up at work two mornings, and threw up in my mom’s car on the way to Henry’s birthday party. Talk about a dead giveaway!

-Told my parents at Bonefish when we were 7 weeks, will tell Adam’s family at the end of March (10-11 weeks), and my brother and sister in law in early April (12-13 weeks). I’m trying to think of a creative way to tell D and J. Telling your only sibling that they’re going to be an uncle is kind of a big deal! I want it to be special and meaningful, but I also just don’t have a lot of energy to put much thought into it. I can’t WAIT to tell my close girlfriends. So far, only Tonya, Brooke, and Natalie know. I so wish I could tell all my friends in person, but unfortunately I think it’s just going to have to be over the phone, the cost of living out of town.

-Our baby has technically already experienced 3 snow storms here in Little Rock! And you know what that means! Snow days at home from work where this little mama can sleep all day on the couch!

-Have had to take two days off work so far for being sick, thankful for an understanding work environment!

-Barfing up vitamins is disgusting, seriously, the most disgusting thing ever.

-Salty foods are my jam, sweet foods and chocolate are NOT my jam.

-Adam made tacos one night and I took one bite and had to throw the rest away. He had put a little cinnamon in the meat and I just could NOT handle it. (<—looking back this is SO funny! I threw up apple butter on a bagel a few weeks ago, and I almost threw up cinnamon toast this past weekend! Must be a cinnamon thing!)

-Still haven’t bought anything yet, too scared. Is that bad? That’s normal right?

-Was so sick at Henry’s birthday party! Wah!

-I first thought it was a girl, in all my dreams it’s a girl, but after craving so many salty foods, I’m almost thinking it’s a boy. Adam is rooting for a girl currently.

-We’ve got two ‘maybe’ names picked out, one for a boy and one for a girl.

-Don’t want any cooked vegetables, avocados, can’t handle eggs, and certain meat sets me off.

-Vanilla ice cream is the only sweet thing I can eat right now.

-Immediately threw up a handful of grapes one night, that was fun! Haven’t eaten grapes since…

-Nausea and vomiting was reallllly bad towards the end of 7 weeks, threw up 4 times that Friday and had to take Phenergan for some relief.

-Been sucking on lemon drop candy, and eating a snack once or twice during the night, seems to be helping.

-Towards end of week 7, beginning of week 8, I noticed I was having to get up in the middle of the night to pee. And so it begins!

-Fatigue has been pretty obvious…haven’t worked out since a few days after we found out at 5.5 weeks! Oomph! Seriously can’t wait to get back to the gym.

-Loving fruit smoothies as well as Ruffles, PB crackers, Goldfish, Saltines, Chipotle, Five Guys

-The girls have definitely gotten bigger…praise! I guess that’s a fun side effect, ha!

-We fly to California end of week 9 so I am a little nervous about the plane rides. Think positive…

-Still anxiously awaiting hearing/seeing the heartbeat and making sure everything is ok, I feel like I am in limbo!

-I still go to bed every night praying earnestly and strongly that baby is healthy and growing strong. I’ve never in my life felt such a feeling of anxiousness and worry. I know everything is in God’s hands and His perfect timing, but I’m just so scared, and trying so, so hard to trust that everything will be okay. That’s all I can do!

-8 1/2 weeks…still feeling nauseous if I don’t have something in my stomach at ALL times. I’m getting more and more anxious about our next appointment in two weeks where we’ll get to FINALLY see and hear the heartbeat. I am just praying, praying, praying that everything is okay and that little one is growing strong in there! Ready to be in Cali for a few days and hopefully distract my anxious mind!

-Last night we (8 1/2 weeks) had grilled cheese and tomato soup and that tomato soup definitely did not agree with me. Ick. It took all I had just to barely dip my sandwich in the soup, and usually my grilled cheese is practically swimming in it. I went to bed right at 9 for the second night in a row because I just felt awful and so tired.

-Taking my vitamins has been a struggle this week, I’m taking them, but I have to take them at lunch and dinner and spread them out when I do take them.

-Adam opened up a box of Thin Mints last night and I couldn’t even eat one of them. CRAZINESS!!!! I’ve just completely lost myself apparently!

I think that about wraps it up! I didn’t start taking bump pictures until 11 weeks, so once I get caught up to that point I’ll share those!

Tell me something funny from early on in your pregnancy! Do you have any interesting stories about weird symptoms? Were you able to exercise early on?

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  • Reply
    Shay @ Great, Now What?
    April 14, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    So sweet! I love reading your thoughts up through this part of the process! How exciting!
    Shay @ Great, Now What? recently posted…Wine-ing WeekendMy Profile

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      April 15, 2015 at 10:43 pm

      I’m so glad! I feel weird blogging such “personal” stuff, but I know how much I LOVE reading about other’s experiences so I figured someone would enjoy it at least!

  • Reply
    Heather @Fit n Cookies
    April 14, 2015 at 7:29 pm

    SO crazy how different things are between people! I’m so sorry you were that sick! It makes me feel so grateful. The second trimester is huge. I am 14 weeks today (not sure if 2nd tri starts at 13 or 14 weeks honestly) and am feeling more like myself every day. Wasn’t it so hard to have no energy and not be able to be active?! I swear that’s been my hardest thing. I’ve felt so lazy, and while Aaron obviously picked up all slack and never flinched, I Just felt like I was failing! You are so right with days of just us being numbered. That’s something I am trying to keep in my mind and just do spur of the moment things before we can’t, as well as continue to go on dates. I need to pick up the slack on those now that I’m feeling better! Annddd last thing. I’m right there with you. All my life I’ve wanted to be a mom and having the thought that there’s always a chance I can’t have a child was a huge worry with me! Sorry for writing a book 🙂 So excited for you!

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      April 15, 2015 at 10:44 pm

      Very crazy! And we are about a week apart! Too funny! I know what you mean, it’s like my mind WANTS to get out and go to the gym or go walk but my body for so long was like nope, not happening, no way, time for a nap! I love reading your book!!!! 🙂 And it’s such a weird feeling knowing that we are going to have a third member in our families soon! Doesn’t that just blow your mind?! Are we old enough for this?!

  • Reply
    April 14, 2015 at 7:34 pm

    So happy for you. I don’t think I commented on you original post! Loved reading the secrets you were hoarding until you could announce them all! Hope the nausea is getting better. My Mom was in the same boat, I wonder if I’ll have the same symptoms when it’s my turn?!? xoxo, ganeeban
    ganeeban recently posted…Race Recap – Credit Union Sactown10 – 5 MileMy Profile

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      April 15, 2015 at 10:42 pm

      Thanks girl! Haha lots of secrets have been held in! Should make sense now why I’ve been suuuuper boring on Instagram lately 🙂

  • Reply
    Jana @ Happy Wife Healthy Life
    April 14, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    You poor thing! I definitely had the nausea, but never once actually got sick. I know you were feeling rough but I didn’t know you were getting sick that often! The lemon drops are a great idea for nausea, I found that any chewy candy like starbursts or sour gummies helped too 🙂

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      April 15, 2015 at 10:41 pm

      Oh yes! It’s been exhausting, but I’m trying to remember to be thankful for this experience and not have any negative thoughts! Candy! Yes! Ginger candy, anything sour for sure!

  • Reply
    Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie
    April 15, 2015 at 7:24 am

    Oh, I’m sorry you have been so nauseous lately! Hopefully that clears up for you soon and you can eat grapes in clear conscience again : )
    Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie recently posted…Love WinsMy Profile

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      April 15, 2015 at 10:40 pm

      Haha! It might be a while before grapes make an appearance in my diet 🙂

  • Reply
    Ashley @ Saving Money in your Twenties
    April 15, 2015 at 7:47 am

    hahah I love reading these recaps, you are too funny even when you’re constantly puking 🙂 the cinnamon and the grapes comments made me laugh out loud “haven’t eaten grapes since…” haha I hope you are feeling better!!
    Ashley @ Saving Money in your Twenties recently posted…It’s Tax Day! Celebrate with free stuff!My Profile

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      April 15, 2015 at 10:40 pm

      Hahaha, girl it’s been rough! I can’t imagine women who legit have it WAY worse than I do! I would just fall over and cry, all the time haha!

  • Reply
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt
    April 15, 2015 at 8:47 am

    So exciting! I hope you are starting to feel better now with the meds. Sounds like you really had a tough time.!
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted…6 Ways to Drink More WaterMy Profile

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      April 15, 2015 at 10:39 pm

      I am feeling better! But, I’ve also been taking phenergan a little more often this week, and that has helped! I really hate taking anything at all, but it has made a world of difference in how I feel!

  • Reply
    Natalie @ Never Serious Blog
    April 15, 2015 at 9:40 am

    Loved this and maybe cried a little/lot. Such a sweet time for you two! 🙂
    Natalie @ Never Serious Blog recently posted…7 Ways to Save Money on Your Dream WeddingMy Profile

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      April 15, 2015 at 10:39 pm

      Haha awww friend! You are so sweet 🙂

  • Reply
    Kristin @ A Mom on the Run
    April 15, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    Oh goodness, I hope that you get some relief from the morning sickness now that you’re out of the first trimester! I was nauseous a LOT with Mackenzie, but I never actually threw up. I sucked on ginger candy, ate gingersnaps, and drank ginger ale and it seemed to help.

    The fatigue in the first trimester with Braden was INSANE. I am a girl who loves her sleep, but I literally came home from work, passed out on the couch, got up to eat dinner, then showered and went to bed. Thankfully it wasn’t that bad the second time around.

    Both times I had a serious aversion to chicken and could not eat it. The idea of it made me want to vomit. I craved lemonade with Braden and Fuji Apple Salads (without the chicken!) from Panera with Mackenzie.

    Also, it’s TOTALLY normal to worry!! Welcome to motherhood! 😉 We got pregnant with Braden our first month trying and I was sure something was going to go wrong, it wasn’t until our 20-week ultrasound when I finally relaxed and realized that it was real and HOLY COW I’M GOING TO BE A MOM!! Yeah, that was a fun day in our house!! 🙂

    Life does change, a lot, but they are wonderful changes. There are few things sweeter than seeing your friends love on your baby 🙂
    Kristin @ A Mom on the Run recently posted…Fresh Ricotta GnocchiMy Profile

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      April 15, 2015 at 10:46 pm

      Both of your descriptions sound SO spot on!!! So funny!! AH! Chicken! YES!!!! Like big pieces of it, like a chick fil a sandwich..can’t do it! Ooh I did have lemonade the other day and it was so satisfying! Glad I’m not crazy 😉 I imagine I will be a worry wart their whole life! You are too sweet 🙂

  • Reply
    Johanna B
    April 15, 2015 at 3:54 pm

    When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted a girl. I honestly didn’t know what I would do if it was a boy. I prayed that I would accept God’s decision for me whatever it was but I never got over wanting my baby to be a girl. She was a girl and I’ve been so glad her whole life that I was blessed with a girl. I hope you get what you want too.

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      April 15, 2015 at 10:38 pm

      Aww! Love that! I honestly don’t mind having either, but in my dreams it’s definitely always a certain one 😉 we shall see what God has decided to bless us with first!

  • Reply
    March 22, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    OMG where was this 4 months ago when I was borderline depressed??? Almost every symptom and aversion you had, I had (Especially the Thin Mints hahaha). Its nice to finally read about an active person who lost control of her body. I felt like such a wimp the first trimester because I couldn’t managed to make it down the driveway without huffing and puffing! This has been a blessing to read and I am so glad I have been jotting down my thoughts (both joyful and not so joyful).

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      March 24, 2017 at 1:50 pm

      Hahaha thank you for reading! It makes me happy that you could relate to it! I had totally forgotten about the Thin Mints, HA, man those were tough times!

  • Reply
    July 10, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Oh my goodness, this post was so helpful! I’m 6 weeks pregnant. I’m SO excited, but I’m shocked at how quickly that excitement turns into worry and anxiousness. It makes me feel better that other people have felt that way, too! I said the same thing to my only friend who knows “I feel like I’m in limbo”

    • Reply
      Sweet Miles
      July 18, 2017 at 10:47 am

      I’m so glad, Meg! Try not to worry 😉 even though I KNOW that’s easier said than done! That early stage can be so tough and so exhausting, but hang in there!

  • Reply
    April 19, 2021 at 9:07 am

    My cousin is about this far along right now and is worried she hasn’t felt sick yet. I told her for some it doesn’t start till later and some none at all. She needs to consider herself lucky for now lol.

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