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What’s Currently Saved For Later In My Amazon Cart

I think one of my favorite features of a good online shopping experience is the “save for later” option. I use it all the time, both for pressing pause on an impulse purchase, list-making, or simply what it’s intended for – to come back to at later time! And on Amazon, it’s no different. Our Amazon “save for later” bucket, if you will, is an ever-revolving random list of things we need or want for ourselves or the kids. Or sometimes it’s just things we come across that for some reason we think we just might need someday. Ha! Most of these items get added on a whim and some may or may not ever even be purchased. I don’t think we’ve ever actually cleared our full list out, so it goes back several years and often fun to scroll back through.

I thought I’d compile a list of my most recent saves though, and share what’s currently living towards the top of my “saved for later.”

amazon cart

Do you use the “save for later” option in your Amazon account? I’d love to hear something random you’ve got saved!

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    kimberly from manifestationowl
    November 18, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    Keep it saved. Cause we know that black friday discounts are comming. I also not ordering anything till that day 😀

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