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Santa Barrett: Just Because

Hi friends! Who doesn’t love ‘just because’ photos?! If there’s one thing I love about having babies, it’s using them as models and taking ridiculous pictures of them. B turned 4 months old last week (still need to get on that 4 month update…and so it begins…) and to celebrate I stripped him down, plopped him down on a fuzzy blanket, and threw some ornament balls on him in the name of Christmas. He was not as thrilled at the idea as I was, but I have determined that the cheesy holiday photos will continue until he’s at least old enough to tell me no. So like, in 18 years, right? RIGHT?!

Now, I’m normally not a fan of naked baby pictures on social media. And I swore on my grandmother’s grave that I would never post a complete nude of any of my children. But, fat, chunky babies in diapers and Santa hats? I’m thinking I get a pass here, and I’m going to let it slide this one time.

Sweet Bear, you are just too much! I’m not sure if this is a Pinterest fail or a Mommy win but I will forever smile at these regardless!

Just a little happy for your Wednesday, friends. The internet needs more happy, fat babies.


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