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Rudolph Romp 2019 Race Recap: Fort Worth Family 5K and Fun Run

This weekend was one of those weekends that started out with the intention of being easy and slow, but quickly turned into one of our busiest weekends in a while! But, our hearts are FULL because this weekend was so much fun, and packed with family time and new memories I will cherish forever. I’ve been trying to really soak up this current season lately, and it’s just been so sweet. We are living our dreams, and feeling so grateful – as exhausting as it is!

So, one of the many highlights from this weekend was the Rudolph Romp 5k I ran Saturday morning! I had intended to sign up for it earlier in the week but ended up just registering the morning-of. Because you know, mom life and more accurately, working mom life, aka NO TIME. Ha! What’s new! This 5k, in particular, benefitted our local school district, was super close to our house, on a flat course, and was fairly cheap so it was really a no brainer.

Anna and Elsa were at the race, which meant Adeline was totally entertained while Mommy ran!

The Rudolph Romp 5k took place over at Alliance Airport, right off 35, just south of the Tanger Outlets. The race included the 5k as well as a 1 mile fun run. I drove over to register ahead of time, and Adam brought the kids to meet me before the race started. The 1 mile began at 8:30am and the 5k started at 9:00am. This later start time was perfect because Adam was able to knock out a 10 miler before the kids woke up, and when he got back, I was able to leave! Look at us making it work!

So here’s a brief recap of how the race actually went: flat, fast, and hot but cold. The course was incredibly flat, which then translated into fast, which was so nice. However, the weather was in the high 30’s when we started, and I made the mistake of wearing too heavy of a top layer and regretted it about two miles in! SO HOT! It warmed up a lot quicker than I was expecting, so even though it was cold, being straight in the sun and running faster than usual meant I was burning up and wishing I’d worn less. The race was also pretty crowded for the first mile and there were SO MANY KIDS. Like, so many. And when kids run races they don’t have a pace – it’s sprint, walk, stop, walk, sprint, jog, stop, sprint. THE ENTIRE RACE. I wish my cardiovascular system could handle that!

I still haven’t invested in a new Garmin, so I just wore my Apple watch, which honestly hasn’t been paired with my iPhone in months which meant all it tracked was my overall time. #fail. I know for sure my first mile was way too fast, but I wish I knew what my exact splits were! My overall time was 29:28 according to my watch (the race wasn’t chip-timed) and I was pleased. According to Strava, that should break down to a 9:30 pace – not too shabby!

My only goal going into this 5k was to hit sub-30, and that, I did. It was the first time in nearly 5 years I’ve raced a 5k sub-30. Baby steps, people! Little victories! Woo! I actually think I could have hit 28 something, but at the very end, the course spits you out onto the airstrip and there were rows and rows of old Air Force planes I stopped to take a quick picture of, sooo lost a few seconds there, whoops. Not going to lie though, after I crossed the finish line I felt like I maybe could have barfed and had to lean over for a second. I told you guys – I haven’t run an official 5k that fast in YEARS! I also may have teared up for a second because Adeline ran over and gave me the sweetest little hug – running races is so much more fun now as a mom !

Ya’ll, I am LOVING getting back into running more seriously. I feel so good, both physically and mentally and just feel so much more like myself. I’ve missed it so much, and hadn’t realized just how much I’d missed it until it became a part of my routine again. I’m still considering half #9, but can’t quite decide. I love having a bigger fitness goal to work towards and worry if I don’t sign up for something I’ll let myself slip again. So, it’s a strong maybe!

The race gave out super cute medals, which doubled as ornaments. And, the t-shirts were tech tees. Considering the race was only $25 ($20 if I’d registered early!) I’d consider that a STEAL for a 5k! Does anyone else feel like 5k’s are way overpriced? It’s hard to justify paying $35+ to run 3 miles!

A few more highlights of our weekend included our town’s Christmas tree lighting and parade, shooting another family mini session, Adeline’s preschool Christmas program, and our church opened up a new campus across town! So many great things!

How was your weekend? Have you run a 5k lately?

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