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Room On The Broom: A Super Simple Fall Activity

I don’t know about you guys, but fall is my absolute favorite season by a landslide. Everything about it, I love. But, this year it feels like it’s taken forever for fall to finally get here! The weather down here in Texas this summer has been brutal, and we’re nearly halfway into October and it’s just now cooling off. So, we haven’t exactly been itching to spend much time outside lately because we’re all so tired of sweating! I haven’t even thought about pumpkin patches or fall festivals because hello, heat. We’ve also just been much busier this year than in years past and I haven’t had time to focus on all things fall like I usually do. (No bucket list this year, whomp whomp!) I’m determined to take full advantage though of the last half of the month! The cold front we’ve all been waiting for moved through last night, and this weekend we’ll be in the 50’s and 60’s!

Because of the heat, and our busy schedules and adjusting to our new preschool, we’ve been doing a lot of fall-like things inside. Adeline has been crafting left and right, (I think we’ve done just about every Target Dollar Spot craft they have right now! Ha!) and we’ve been pulling out our favorite fall books and movies. One of our favorites? Room On The Broom!

I actually shared this on IG a few days ago, but I thought I’d share it again here too! This book is the cutest, and honestly, it cracks me up. I think it’s so funny! WELL, Netflix also has a Room On The Broom! And it is SO good! It’s just an animated version of the book, but it’s really well made and ADORABLE. It’s also only like 20-ish minutes so it’s not long at all but when paired with the book, it makes the perfect little fall activity!

Adeline likes to sit and flip through her book while she watches the Netflix version, and she just loves it. I kind of wish there were more pairings like this, so if anyone knows of any, send them my way! I know Netflix also has The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and there are some Christmas-y ones you could pair up with a book, but Room On The Broom is the best side-by-side I’ve seen and I’m chalking it up as a mom win!

You can grab the book on Amazon, but we picked ours up at Walmart last year. Apparently, Room On The Broom is like, a THING! I feel like it’s got a pretty big following and we are hopping on that bandwagon! Check out these fun Amazon finds that go along with the book –

Happy fall, ya’ll! I think it’s finally here!

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