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So I Ran 12 Miles This Week

I’ve said this what feels like a million times since Adeline was born, but I really think I’m finally getting into a workout routine!

Adam has been working out like crazy the past few months, and it’s shown. He looks amazing, and has really gotten himself in shape. He kicked butt in the Gauntlet, and the past couple weeks he’s been running twice a day. It’s almost like the roles have reversed and now he’s the runner of the family! WHAT! Talk about motivation! He’s pretty much left me in his dust, but I couldn’t be more proud!


I think a big part of me was mentally waiting until we got past Adeline’s first birthday, and now that we’re past it, I feel like I finally have the mental capacity to really make time for myself again! I feel like I gave Adeline every last ounce of my energy this past year, and it’s finally time I save some energy for myself, and get back to taking good care of myself! Can I get an AMEN?! It’s time for Adeline to have a strong mommy, and it feels so good!

I ran a couple times last week, and remained cautiously optimistic that it might actually become a habit again. Let’s be real for a sec – getting back into the gym again is one of the worst things ever. It’s just the worst. And it keeps sucking until you’re back in pretty good shape again.


This week, I ran 3 times, 4 miles each, for a grand total of 12 miles! I RAN 12 MILES. Helllllllooooooo runner bod. I’m comin’ for ya! It’s amazing what a little spousal competition motivation can do to help kick your rear in gear!

I’m really hoping to spend these next few months working on getting back in shape, hopefully setting a goal race and working with Adam on getting our family healthy! Now that Adeline is basically a toddler, we’ve got to really straighten up our diet, since a lot of what we eat, is what Adeline eats. Now is the time to set the bar high, and be an example to our little lady!


Here’s to getting back on that horse!

Happy FriYAY!

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    Katie @ Live Half Full
    November 4, 2016 at 10:08 pm

    I love this! Rich has gotten into Crossfit and has lost a bunch of weight and looks awesome. It’s really made me step it up! I’ve been consistent with working out at least four times per week since May. Our diet needs improvement though.

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    November 7, 2016 at 6:28 am

    Good job! It’ll be good to get back into it. Have you listened to the Running on OM Ask Lauren Fleshman podcast episode all about motherhood and running? It’s sooo insightful!

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