Postpartum Jeans: Where To Buy

Let’s be real: the first few months after having a baby are generally not kind to your body. Your belly is still round and soft, your thighs are wider than ever (at least it feels that way!), and your hips are still huge.

It’s awesome to see what your body just achieved! And now you’re, for the most part, back to that normal state! (Like whaaaaat??) But I think we would all be lying if we said that wasn’t looking forward to shedding those “maternity” clothes as soon as possible.

I want to say up front that this post is all about in deciding to accept myself during this fourth trimester. I’m not in a hurry to shrink back into my best pre-baby size small everything, and I’m happy if I never do.

I am not a big fan of the phrase “getting your body back” after childbirth, and I think it just sets you up for disappointment at a time when joy is supposed to be bursting forth. The magic of childbirth is truly a miracle, and I don’t know how a woman’s body is even able to carry out such a phenomenon.

But I don’t want my old body back. My body after children is far superior than it used to be, and I’ll always respect that. Sure, I’d like to return to my former shape and feel healthy again, but my body won’t be like what it once was, and will always be unique.

In these early postpartum months, as much as I’m proud of my body for giving birth, I’m also so proud to feel better about myself as a result, so I relish the idea of putting on my jeans after getting a lot of use out of them during the summer months while pregnant.

Bring on fall and cooler temperatures, and not having to shave my legs every day. Yet, there is absolutely no way these prenatal jeans will be comfortable again after I’ve given birth, and if anything, I don’t want to sit around in my maternity jeans either.

They’re not comfy because they’re stretched out, worn out, and I would like to reward myself by wearing real clothes! Also, I feel crummy if I look at the belly panel. Ha ha!

So, this mom needs new jeans! I don’t want to spend a lot since I am confident that over time I will drop a size or two. I’m considering getting two pairs of classic light-wash and dark-wash jeans with a skinny leg cut.

Low-rise fit didn’t cut it anymore, so mid-rise fit is where it’s at. Muffin tops anyone? noshame. As expected post-childbirth, my jelly belly didn’t shrink overnight, and although I can put my old jeans on and pull them up, I could still probably drive a semitruck between the gap in the link. 

When I asked my Instagram mom friends, I got lots of great ideas for where to shop for postpartum jeans. I also got lots of requests to share the ideas I received, so this post if for YOU! The majority of the advice shared was to hit up Old Navy’s Rockstar line of denim, or to just succumb to a life in leggings. The latter of which I’m banking on to get me through the winter season!

Here are some of the ideas I received. I loved reading them because I think it just shows that we’re all in the same boat. This crazy thing called motherhood is a lot easier when you know you’re not alone, especially when it comes to post baby body image.

I have Old Navy jeans 2 sizes bigger than normal that I keep as my postpartum go-to’s until my body gets sort of back to normal.

Walmart has some cute ones for like $15 and you can size up so easy if you’re just looking for cheap comfy ones to transition into.

Levi’s 721 high waist jeans, and also Zella leggings.

I didn’t even wear jeans until about 6 months postpartum!

I just kept wearing maternity ones.

Old Navy, and I just went one size up and purposefully bought the high waisted one with stretch.

The Oh Mamma brand – they are comfy and super cheap!

Old Navy Rockstar jeggings.

Can’t go wrong with Old Navy!

I had a pair of control top Marika yoga pants that I loved. I felt like I needed the support but my maternity pants were too stretched out.

I would say try Old Navy for pants or J Crew Factory if you want some cheaper but nice looking shorts.

LOFT high waisted!

I invested in a good pair from GAP, game changer!

I did exactly that – 2 sizes bigger than normal and gradually moved back down to my normal size.

Jeggings from American Eagle are the best thing ever! They are comfy, look like jeans, and stretch.

Old Navy High Rise Rockstar Skinny covered up my jelly belly nicely. I went up one size because the stretch in them is pretty forgiving.

I got two pairs a size or two up from American Eagle.

Old Navy elastic waist jeans are the best jeans ever invented!

H&M pull on jeans!

I honestly wore leggings for a long while, but check out Target’s new line. The jeans are so comfy and only $20!

Old Navy for sure!

Old Navy Jeans are the best!

Old Navy and Kohl’s – a few sizes up and that made do just fine.

Old Navy – they have jeggings that were all I wore after both babies. They look like real jeans but you pull them on and they are so comfy!

I wore maternity jeans with a belly band for a long time!

What about those wide leg dressy pants that are back in style now? Or flowy chambray pants? They have loose wastes, are trendy, and at Old Navy!

I wore a lot of skirts and dresses postpartum for work. If they have an elastic waist they can shrink with you!

I bought a couple pairs of stretch denim from Old Navy 2-3 sizes bigger and they fit great.

High rise super skinny from Old Navy! They come all the way up to the belly button and hold it all in!

I actually bought a pair over the weekend from Amazon. I had a gift card, so I figured it would be a good, cheap start. I ended up going with a pair of Levi’s Women’s 724 High Rise Straight Jeans in the medium wash.

For this particular fit, I went with two sizes up from what I was wearing pre-baby. The mid-rise fit seems to fall perfectly on my torso, and holds everything in with just the right amount of stretch. I’ll still be hitting up Old Navy at some point though – I’ve always been a fan of their Rockstar jeans, and according to all the mamas, now is the perfect time to snag a new pair!

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