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A Perfect Sunny Saturday + A Sickness

I go back and forth on whether or not I like to share weekend recaps but lately we’ve had such good weekends I can’t help but share a few moments! This weekend was no exception and on Saturday it was 80 degrees! EIGHTY! It felt absolutely amazing and I could have stayed outside all day. We spent what felt like all day out in the sun, and it made me feel so excited for the spring weather that’s to come.

I meant to get this post up earlier this morning but my morning sickness has come back the past few days and I’m not exactly excited about it! I went about 2.5 weeks without throwing up, but this weekend it came back randomly. I’m still grateful every time I get sick because it’s a reminder of what’s going on in there, but it’s still been really tough to deal with.

So the weekend started off with a bang! Friday night we officially ditched the paci! Adeline’s poor little chin has been so chapped lately and her paci was only making it worse so we just kind of decided that now was the time to say goodbye and see how it goes! We made a plan to package up all of her pacis and “mail” them to her two baby cousins, and she seemed really excited about it. We let her load up the envelopes and put them in the mailbox, and that was that! She ended up crying for just a little bit when we put her down, nothing out of the ordinary, then she woke up just once and needed settling back down, then slept the whole night! She really exceeded my expectations for how night #1 would go! And nap time on Saturday also went really well! She didn’t even ASK for it! Sunday was another story though…but we’ll get there.

Saturday morning we woke up and made a big breakfast together at home. We put on some music, made eggs, ham, bacon, & toast, played in the backyard, colored, and cleaned. It was really my ideal Saturday morning and Adeline was so happy to keep things simple.

We ventured down to the playground where one of Adeline’s friends from school was down there as well, and the two girls had a blast playing together. We did a wagon ride, picked up acorns, and watched Daddy spray for weeds. It was the best morning, and the fact that it was HOT out made it all the better!

Nap time went well, as mentioned above, and after she woke up we decided we needed to spend a little more time outside before dinner so we took a long family walk together. The FIVE of us took Truckee down to the field for some ball time, then made the loop around the neighborhood.

Saturday night we grilled hot dogs, and spent the remaining daylight in the backyard. Adeline ran around with Truckee, colored at her picnic table, and practiced her counting by running back and forth to Daddy. Seriously, I love nights like this and I can’t wait until it’s a regular occurrence!

Sunday morning, I woke up feeling AWFUL. Side-note, I went to bed Saturday night with a scratchy throat, so I was already a little concerned. So Sunday morning I woke up and my throat was crazy sore, and my neck was incredibly stiff, and I just felt bad. I went ahead and took myself to the urgent care clinic right away just to make sure it wasn’t the start of strep or flu or something. While I was at the clinic, Adam took Adeline to church, and thankfully my test results came back negative for strep! I headed straight home and went to bed for basically three hours until Adam and Adeline got home from church and lunch!

Unfortunately, the rest of the day didn’t quite go as planned but we made it work. Adeline decided to 100% boycott her nap (which she NEVER does!!) and we ended up throwing her in the truck and all of us took a drive out to the lake to explore while she slept. Somehow the truck trick always works, and the girl passed out hard not long after we hit the road.

Sunday night, we did another easy dinner, before battling yet again another beast of a bedtime. She finally settled down and slept all night, but the getting her to bed last night was a tough one.

And that brings us to now, another Monday. I’m always a little bummed out on Mondays, especially after such a simple, warm, and joyful one. I’m getting myself through this week though with the excitement that we find out the gender of this babe a WEEK FROM TODAY!!

How was your weekend? Do you like reading weekend recaps? Does your toddler ever need a car to help them nap during desperate times?



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    The Curious Frugal
    March 13, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    I love reading weekend recaps! That’s great that dropping the paci is going better than expected. I am not looking forward to that over here. Lol. Part of me thinks it’s time but then I think she’s teething those 2 year molars and I kinda want to wait until after those are through.

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      March 14, 2018 at 10:59 am

      It’s such a hard timing decision to make! I honestly was going to wait until 2.5 next month, or maybe even dare I say this summer, ha! You’ll figure out what feels right!

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    March 13, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    I love weekend recaps!!! I did one of our whirlwind trip today and I cannot wait for a slow weekend in the upcoming few days!

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      March 14, 2018 at 10:58 am

      I do too! I just don’t like writing them very often, ha! I need to hop over and read about your trip! I’m excited to hear all about it!!

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