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The Perfect Running Tank from Calia by Carrie Underwood

Well friends, I’ve finally done it. I have solved the 8th wonder of the world. What is that, you ask? The elusive search for the perfect running tank top. And. I’ve. Found. It. And I bought it in 3 colors.

I’ve spoken before on my high standards for running clothes. I’m a pretty picky Patty, if you will, when it comes to deciding what I’ll workout in, and more importantly what I’ll run in. Not all running clothes are created equal. I think we can all agree on that! If you’re a newbie runner, you might be thinking, “Seems crazy to spend $30+ on a tank you’re just going to sweat in, time and time again.” And to that I say, “Indeed it is – but that’s EXACTLY why you should spend a little extra on it!” Because, the more you run and move and sweat in it, the more it needs to hold up to whatever rigorous activity you’re putting it through. And, if it doesn’t hold up and YOU are uncomfortable either physically or more mentally (because you don’t like the way you look) you’re less likely to workout in the first place.

I’ve been running a lot lately, clearly, more than I have in years. It’s been my saving grace from feeling paralyzed with stress and anxiety throughout this Covid season and it’s truly reinvigorated my passion for running that was once lost. It’s also helped me drop nearly 10 lbs now! So now after many, many miles, I’m finally really taking the time to narrow down my running wardrobe and focus on pieces I really love, and not just pieces I’ve been hanging onto for forever because they happen to still decently fit. I’ve struggled to find tank tops I really love, for a myriad of reasons. Things such as being too tight in the mid-section, to too flowy, to too thin to too thick, to simply not holding up well after several washes, are all reasons I’ve nixed a tank top along the way.

Now, before we dive into the reason you’re all here, let me quickly add in a selfish plug for a few new little project we’ve taken on! Adam and I recently launched a NEW family Instagram account, devoted to all things outdoors and fitness! I think it’s been a long time coming, but it finally made sense for us to start one together! We’ve been loving our time running together and exploring our new metroplex as a family, and we can’t wait to help encourage other young families to get outside more and stay active. Give us a follow if you haven’t yet – it’s a new little passion project, one that will hopefully inspire and spark joy for nature! You can find us on Instagram at @ingles_outside.

Ok, back to the program. I present to you: The Perfect Running Tank! (I have only one complaint, but I will touch on that at the very end!)

calia by carrie underwood review

The other day I made a quick run down to Dick’s Sporting Goods just to see what all they had in their lineup of running apparel. Our local Academy Sports is pretty much crap, so no luck there. And, I have blown most of my fun-money budget on new running shorts so I wanted to avoid the most tempting places like Athleta and Lulu. SO, Dick’s it was. I wandered around the Under Armour and Nike (bleh, Nike never fits right!) sections before finally letting myself veer over into the Calia by Carrie Underwood section. I am always skeptical of celebrity clothing lines because I feel like you can never be sure of the true quality. But, with Carrie’s legs, I was willing to take a chance!

calia by carrie underwood tank top review

And lo and behold, Calia’s “Everyday Tank” became my new favorite running tank in an instant. It was love at first, try on? Truly, it was. The material is literally AS SOFT AS BUTTER. It’s tight enough to not feel clingy or suctioned to my stomach, long enough to not rise up, and has the cutest ruched detailing on the back of the racerback. It comes in multiple colors, and of course, has all the fancy moisture-wicking technology built-in. I went with a minty green and pinky color, then grabbed the white because hello, white is a STA-PLE. And, bonus points – the white isn’t see-thru. So, yay for that!

calia by carrie underwood

Now, my only complaint thus far is going to sound really a little ridiculous. I kind of wish I’d bought a small instead of a medium, *eeeeek*. I know, it’s a good problem. But hear me out. The medium really fits perfectly, but since the tank top is slightly longer, the medium is feeling a little bit baggier/flowier than I was hoping. It really isn’t that big of a deal, but I think if I’d purchased a small I wouldn’t even be having this thought. I also think I’ve lost more weight/shape-shifted more than I realized so I just assumed medium was what I needed. Anyways, word to the wise – I would make sure you try it on first, or maybe even size down.

REGARDLESS it is still an amazing tank top and I am super impressed! Highly, highly recommend if you’re looking for a great high-quality-but-not-as-expensive-as-lulu-or-athleta tank top.

Happy shopping!

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    April 19, 2021 at 9:05 am

    I love Carrie Underwood and didn’t know she started a clothing line. I am always wearing athleisure clothes so I will def have to look into this.
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