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Party Prepping Mood Board: Adeline’s First Birthday

Adeline’s first birthday party is quickly approaching. Cue the waterworks. I can remember getting to Christmas last year, in that newborn fog, and taking a deep breathe while I assured myself that her first birthday was forever away. And then I blinked and here it is! Her party falls on her actual birthday, which makes it all the more special! I can’t wait to spoil our girl, surround her with our entire families and closest friends, and make her feel like the most important person of the day! I am so, so excited to celebrate her big day, but I’m also trying not to wish away these last few days of her being a baby! I’ve been such an emotional wreck lately at the thought of this all really happening, but I’m trying to embrace it, and enjoy the process.

The theme we decided on for A’s party is, “Wild One.” I wanted to do something that was a little different, but more importantly, something that seemed to fit our sweet girl’s personality. We’re always joking about Adeline’s wild and crazy hair, her silly characteristics, and how she is in fact, a wild child! I loved the aztec/tribal wild one theme and how rustic it feels, but when you mix in pink and gold, it’s girly girl perfection! Too bad Adeline will never remember it – one day though I hope she is able to look back and see just how much fun Mommy and Daddy had planning her big day! My wheels are already spinning at what she might pick for her second birthday party!

I’ve got all of our decorations ready to go, I just need to actually make them, and/or paint. But hopefully I can knock them all out this weekend! I’m planning on keeping it simple, but also detail oriented. I’ve got lots of pink and gold, as well as a few touches of mint and purple, but just slightly. I’ll be incorporating some pumpkins as well, because have you seen Adeline’s obsession with pumpkins?

For food, our main dish is going to be…wait for it…donut holes! LOTS of donut holes. We’ll have other options as well, but donut holes = easy, cheap, and everyone loves them. Plus, her party is at 10:30, so they’re pretty ideal for a birthday brunch. All of our nieces and nephews will be there as well, and we all know they can devour some donut holes!

I don’t want to share too many details, so I’ve thrown together a mood board to share my basic inspiration! I’m not planning on her party being a huge Pinterest production though, so don’t get too excited. This is real life after all! But, I’ve had so much fun these past few weeks dwindling down my ideas, and picking out exactly what I want for Adeline’s party that I can’t wait to see it all come together. I know it will be perfect no matter what, and my main priority is for Adeline to have FUN and get lots and lots of lovin’!

pink gold wild one party

Source: all images are from Pinterest.

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be painting pumpkins, making banners, and crafting away!

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    October 15, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    How sweet! The donut hole idea is genius! Especially for the kiddos. I bet you’ll have a great time!

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