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Our Kitchen Update Project: Granite Countertops and Subway Tile Backsplash

Hello again! If you’ve been a long time reader, then you’ll probably remember that updating our kitchen in our Texas house (that we’ve been in now for 3.5 years!) has been a huge goal of mine. When we first bought this house and moved in, we were willing to live in a brown on brown on brown kitchen until we could finally make it more our style. And well, that time has finally come! Back in November, we took the plunge and updated our countertops, backsplash, and sink and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! I thought a major update like this at least deserved a blog post, so here we are!

Here is the before, as documented back in August 2017, right after we moved in.

So as you can tell, it was your basic builder-grade kitchen, with a backsplash tile that matched the floors. Yuck. The countertops were a gross laminate or something cheap like that, and the sink and faucet were absolutely horrible. But, livable.

When we started dreaming about updating the kitchen, I put together a mood board back in THIS POST. We quickly landed on a lighter grey-toned countertop and a simple white subway tile backsplash. I was a little hesitant to go the white backsplash route with such dark cabinets but LET ME JUST TELL YOU I’m so glad I did. Spoiler alert: they look BOMB. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you HAVE to have an all white kitchen, folks. There are other options! (But if someone wants to give me an all white kitchen I’ll gladly accept, ha!)

The process was much less stressful than I thought it would be. One reason I’d put it off for so long, besides the pure cost of it all, was because I honestly had no idea where to start, who to call, what to do first, etc. I’ve never done any sort of major home project like this before so it was definitely uncharted territory! But, once we got a referral to a granite company through our realtor, it was smooth sailing from there. The company came out to give us an estimate and worked with us through every step. Initially, we were going to use a different tile guy to do the backsplash, but the granite company offered us a deal on our sink and cut demo costs if we used them for backsplash too. So, just to keep things simple we kept it all under one roof and it ended up being great! (If you’re local and need a granite lady I gotchu!)

TIMELINE: It took roughly a week from when we gave them the green light to when they came to demo our countertops and install the new granite. Installation took about 4 hours and it was in! That was a Thursday. I purchased our subway tile and grout online through our local Floor & Decor and the backsplash guys installed it all that following Wednesday. So, maybe two weeks TOTAL for the project to really begin and end.

And guys, she’s a beaut! Look at her! I’m so, so proud of it! *Swoon*

We’re hoping this will help sell our house along with replacing our downstairs carpet with hardwoods/laminate, which is our next *potential* big project. I’m not going to want to move now that the house is finally coming together how I wanted, ha!

Lightening up the countertops and backsplash has made the biggest difference in the feel of the house. And with the white fireplace in the living room, it just FEELS fresh, clean, and more modern. It was 100% worth the investment and effort! And, I’m happy to say we paid cash for it all – Dave Ramsey would be so proud.

As always, thank you for reading! Can you believe this little blog of mine has been around since 2013? Craziness.

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