Only Pumping 2 oz Every 3 Hours – What to do if you only pump 2 oz every 3 hours?

New mothers often worry about the amount of milk they are pumping. Due to a lack of education on the subject, it can often be hard to gauge whether your milk would be enough for your kid. Since the child’s need for milk in the first few months is one of the primary concerns, this can take a toll on a new mom’s stress levels.

If you are concerned about only pumping 2 oz milk every 3 hours, then you should know that this is an adequate amount. Pumping is a skill, and it can take time to get better at it. Moreover, the milk you produce varies according to the child’s needs.

To address your confusion about pumping milk, this article will talk about how much milk you should be pumping, ways to increase the amount of milk, and whether the milk supply increases over time. If you continue reading, you will find a complete guide.

Only Pumping 2 oz Every 3 Hours

How many ounces should you be pumping every 3 hours?

The amount of milk you should be pumping depends on the stage your baby is at. If your child is a newborn they do not require as much milk. Since a tiny amount is enough, even 1 oz would do the trick.

After the first week of giving birth, the normal amount of milk you should be pumping out in 3 hours is two to three ounces. If you have twins, this amount should be doubled. One month later, the ideal amount of milk you should be pumping is four ounces in three hours. However, you need to ensure that you do not overfeed your baby.

Is it normal to only pump 2 oz?

It is completely normal to pump an amount between 1 ounce to 5 ounces during one pumping session. A lot of new moms worry about having to pump many times to feed one child. This is a common occurrence and nothing to be worried about.

Pumping only 2 oz of milk does not indicate in any way that your milk supply is limited. It can simply mean that the pump might not be the best way to get your milk out.

What Can Affect The Amount Of Breast Milk You Pump?

Many factors impact the amount of milk your body is producing. The most important one is the age of your baby. If your child is a newborn, then you get less milk because your milk supply is slowly increasing. When your child is about 4 weeks old, that is when your milk supply starts peaking.

The time of the day when you are pumping also impacts the amount. Milk is mostly produced in the morning and as the day passes by, your supply starts decreasing. Your emotional state, while you are pumping, is also very important. If you are stressed, there is a chance you would pump less milk. So, you should try to relax.  

The suction level of your pump also determines the amount of milk that will come out. Pumps from the hospital usually help in extracting more milk. Lastly, every woman has a different breast storage level. This depends on the number of lobules in the breast tissue. An increased number means you can store more milk.

Will breast milk supply increase over time?

Your breast milk supply does increase during the starting stage. When your child demands more milk after 6 weeks, your milk increases. This is also because of greater prolactin levels. However, once your milk comes in and is regular, there is no other boost that can increase your milk level.

If your baby does not drink a lot of milk, your body tries to match the milk supply and adjusts accordingly and there is a crease in milk supply. Therefore, whether your milk will increase over time or not just depends on how much your baby is drinking.

There are some measures you can take to increase supply over time. This includes pumping frequently. The more regularly you pump, the more milk production increases. Other times you can eat a rich diet inclusive of herbs and tea to increase lactation.

How To Maintain and Increase Your Breast Milk Supply?

Maintaining and increasing your breast milk supply can feel like a challenging task. You need to have a good routine and put in a lot of effort. Make sure to take in a lot of fluids during the day. When your body is hydrated, it tends to produce more milk. Secondly, eat a healthy and balanced diet that contains a good amount of fat, proteins, and vitamins.

Other than this, remember to keep your mental health intact. Try exercising to keep your stress level under control. If you are not in a good place emotionally, it becomes difficult for your body to produce milk.

 Another way to increase breast milk supply is by buying a breast pump of good quality. Double pumps help in collecting more ilk. So, if you plan on using pumps for a long time make sure you buy a good product.

You should also use a warm pack or cloth and put it on your breast before you start pumping, or even during the process. It increases circulation and helps in getting out more milk. Lastly, always check the parts of your pumps. Sometimes valves can stop working because they need to be replaced. This can negatively impact the suction level.

Only Pumping 2 oz Every 3 Hours Final Thoughts

To summarize, if you are worried about only pumping 2 oz in three hours, do not think this is less. It is a completely normal amount. It is possible that stressing over this would in turn cause you to produce less milk! If you are still not satisfied, you can try the methods mentioned above and try to increase milk output.

Another way to address your concern can be getting lactation levels checked and consulting a doctor accordingly. That would help in giving you a better perspective, and you can implement changes according to the needs of your body.