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My Favorite Moments of Summer 2019

I usually say that summer seems to fly by, but this summer seems to have gone by just as I’d expect it to. It’s been a busy, hot one, but it’s also been super sweet, and memorable. It was our first summer having two kids, and towards the end of the summer, it also became the first summer with two very mobile kids! AH!

With Labor Day weekend officially here, and September literally right around the corner, I am saying farewell to one of my favorite summers yet. But, I won’t lie – I’m also saying hey girl hey to FALL! My heart can barely handle the thought of chasing both kids through the pumpkin patches and I’m already daydreaming of doing all the fall things and going totally overboard in every way!

Before we totally close the door on summer though, I thought I’d do a quick recap of my favorite moments of summer 2019, as seen on the blog. My blog is often a family yearbook of sorts, and I love documenting our lives throughout every season. There was definitely a pretty obvious decrease in posts this summer, and I think part of that is simply because we’re still figuring out our groove as a family of four, and I’m still figuring out how my blogging time fits into that. So, with that said, here were some of my favorite more personal posts and moments from May through August 2019.





August ain’t over yet, folks! We’ve still got some memories to make, and I intend on having a pretty great weekend to wrap up the month. We actually don’t have plans, but I’m sure there will be some projects, and probably some last minute swimming.

I’ll be back next week to finish recapping our big beach trip with Part 2 and possibly Part 3. I need to finish going through our pictures, and narrow them down a bit. I’m also still waiting to get our family photos back from our photographer, and I think I’m dying a slow death patiently awaiting them. I think they’re going to be amazing, and I cannot wait to get my hands on them!

I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend, and truly relax and unwind with your friends and loved ones. Stay safe, everyone!

What are your Labor Day plans? What was your favorite moment of Summer 2019?

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