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Merry Christmas To You!

And just like that, it’s Christmas again! I wanted to be sure and pop on to share our annual family Christmas card with all of you, who so loyally through the years, have continued to read this little blog of mine and keep up with our adventures. We are so thankful for you, and hope you have a very merry Christmas with your loved ones! We will be spending the holiday hunkered down in our home here in Texas, soaking up every wild moment with our kiddos.

I had intended on blogging a bit more this holiday season, but alas, I’m behind once again. YA’LL – I promise one of my New Year’s goals will be to actually blog more. I have about 947493 drafts saved in my queue that I’m itching to finish! I’m giving myself grace upon grace though and remembering that we are BLESSED to be so busy and TBH I’m loving every second of it! (If you want to creep on us more often, find me on IG – @sarahingle_1)

Merry Christmas you guys! I hope it’s as magical as you’d hoped it would be!

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