Marika Magic Slimming Capri Legging Review

In order to work out, it is smart to wear active wear that looks good and remains comfy. Alternatively, not having either will hardly allow you to feel comfortable enough to show yourself in public whenever you are engaging in a challenging activity. For me, a crucial part of feeling comfy is feeling that I look good too.

If you enjoy performing athletic activities and you want to look presentable while performing, it’s crucial to have the appropriate active wear.

Marika Magic Slimming Capri Legging Review

The Marika Magic Slimming Capri Leggings claim to give you unrestricted mobility and a perfect fit to maintain and slim your shape. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s find out ….   

What Is Marika?

Marika is a company that focuses on helping women achieve wellness, happiness, and success through activewear. They design plenty of basic activewear items, which are ideal for many of the activities women participate in regularly. 

Their products are predominantly intended to be worn for a variety of physical activities, and running is not the only one that qualifies for that use, by the way.

What Are The Magic Slimming Capri Leggings?

The Magic Slimming Capri is one of Marika’s best-selling products, and they sell it as part of their Shape Enhancing collection. I’m glad to be enhancing my shape. Who else feels the same?

Marika Magic Slimming Capri Legging Front

Here’s some information about the anatomy of this Capri, they have lycra detailing, backbar optimization, 4-inch waistband, and a 19-inch inseam. The lower body of the Capri is made of 89% cotton, 11% spandex, and Power Mesh on the sides is 86% nylon and 14% spandex.

The spandex gives them just enough stretch for maneuverability whilst also sucking you in at all the right places.

My Marika Magic Slimming Capri Legging Review

I wore these recently for three different workout occasions – a short run, a strength training session, and a long bike ride.

Marika says these leggings will look great with your exercise clothing and your casual outfits. The material feels comfortable, and I could certainly see for myself how they are able to easily change from leggings to exercise pants. The leggings fit great during my run, bike ride and gym workouts.

I thought that these leggings were very comfortable, and I could undoubtedly see why she contends that they can change from your workout leggings to your casual leggings. The fit was great and they remained in place during all my workouts, which is a huge bonus. My biggest pet peeve is leggings sliding down while running.

Marika Magic Slimming Capri Legging Back

I liked their looks and fit on me as well, and think the mesh panel on the side helped provide a better fit into them overall. The length of the legs could be maybe an inseam length longer, as I found them higher than usual up near my calves, but that isn’t really a major issue.

The material is lightweight, and cool making it a great option for a slightly toned-down workout.

Because there is a good deal of cotton in the material of the Capri, I found them to be somewhat thinner than what I normally prefer if I’m going to be sweating a good deal.

I would wear these for a lighter type of aerobic exercise, such as yoga or fitness classes, or a light cross-training activity such as cycling, which strikes me as more along the speed of these Capri’s. If I was to run in these, it’ll only be for a few miles, as I tend to overheat easily in high cotton material.

I could see these being the perfect springtime, daytime sweat-wicking workout capris, which you could throw on and match with a set of Uggs boots after a gym class, and then a baggy t-shirt and go out in your errands after. I can also picture myself wearing these at home for a relaxing winter night as well.

A girl can never have enough pairs of leggings in black, whether they mainly consist of activity-wear items outside of exercising also in the gym in class. In my opinion, this is a wonderful accessory for your wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend these leggings simply based on comfort and how effectively they maintain your body’s temperature. 

They have a great performance too. But I don’t recommend them if you are looking for something more intense than for a light workout. As a heavy sweater, I found the cotton blend to be too thin and too warm if I were pushing it.