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Make Me Sweat: Two At- Home Workouts

Hi friends!

I’ve been working hard out in the garage lately and have been having fun documenting my workouts along the way. I’ve been trying to focus on keeping my fitness goals realistic, and so far two garage workouts, and 1 5K a week has been easily doable. If I can make time for more, that’s a huge win, but this way I’m less likely to set myself up for disappointment!

I’ve always loved strength training and circuit style workouts, in addition to cardio/running of course, and having equipment at home to make them happen more conveniently, has been a game changer! Besides the bigger machines, and a treadmill, we pretty much have everything I would use at a gym anyways, so to say it’s been a great investment would be an understatement!

I know it can be hard to come up with workouts on your own, so I thought I’d start sharing them a little more often for inspiration. I asked on IG, and received feedback that most of you would like to see them, so here we are! Feel free to pin them, print them, or just save them to your phone for ideas. If you have questions on what a particular exercise is, feel free to reach out, or simply YouTube it! (I do this all the time!)

The workouts I’ve been doing have all been between 30-45 minutes, and require very little equipment. The two I’m sharing below are both within that timeframe. If you’ve got some dumbbells, a kettlebell, and a bench, you’re all set! Even if you don’t have a bench, you can make a few substitutions to get a similar burn. Turn on a playlist, a podcast, or put a show on the iPad and get to work! The goal with each workout is to complete each round, or each exercise as quickly as possible – you want to get that heart rate up!

I’ve honestly seen really great results in a fairly short amount of time by switching up my workouts weekly, and not getting in the habit of doing the same thing every single time. I’m finding I’ve got more energy, even though I’m not sleeping much at night (cough Barrett cough cough), I feel stronger and my clothes fit looser even if I’m not losing weight (not my goal), and I can tell my muscles are starting to tone up. I can also tell that my runs have gotten easier, even if I’m not necessarily increasing my mileage just yet. Taking a few minutes to myself, a few times a week, to dedicate to working up a sweat has been so good for me. These garage workouts, combined with running, are hopefully going to serve me well throughout the summer as I get ready to hit the beach in August!

at home workout idea

Let me know if you try either! If you want to see more workouts, check out my Fitness category (in the top nav) and you can click through older posts.

Happy sweating!

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