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Loving My Forerunner and Finally Feeling Fit-ish

I feel like I’ve finally found my groove and have been running 2-3 times a week. And it feels SO.DANG.GOOD! I’m trying to average 8-10 miles a week, which doesn’t sound like a lot to a lot of you I’m sure, but it feels very doable, and realistic, and it’s working perfectly for the time being. My new little sidekick, the Garmin Forerunner 45S, has helped rekindle a running spark, and has reminded me how fun it really is to track your pace! I’d forgotten how much MORE I push myself when I can see my pace, and I just honestly think I try harder! I think it’s also part of being a Type 3 and literally needing a tangible goal for ev-er-y-thing and needing a way to continually improve and see evidence of that. (And then, we need a way to look back at our accomplishments, HA!) But really, I am LOVING my new Garmin, and it’s been a great motivator for getting back out there! Here’s a look back at my past five runs.

Run 1 – 3.19 miles

Run 2 – 4 miles

Run 3 – 2.16 miles

Run 4 – 3.21 miles

Run 5 – 5.20 miles

These splits aren’t fast by any means, but anything under 10:00/mi I’m super proud of! I’ve been trying to hit under 10:00 as much as I can, but giving myself grace when I just can’t. I do feel so much fit-er though than I did a year ago, heck even just a few months ago. The base I’m building now is already much stronger than the base I had going into half marathon #8 back in November. If I can continue maintaining a ‘comfortable’ 3-4 miles, and a weekly 5-6 mile ‘long run’ I think I could easily hop into another half marathon training regimen at any point. I’d mentally prepared to do a half marathon at the end of February, but I’m leaning more towards finding one to do in March or April since Adam is doing his second full at the end of February.

But, point being, I just feel stronger. I can run up the hills in our neighborhood without having to stop, and the highest I’ve seen my VO2 max on my Garmin is 44 which is pretty darn good! After running 3 miles, I often feel like I could easily do another, and I actually ENJOY running again. THERE IS HOPE YA’LL!

We shall see! Thanks for continuing to follow along – remember when this used to BE a running blog?! Ah those were the days!


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    January 20, 2020 at 10:45 am

    You are looking great girl! Strong as a mother 🙂

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      January 20, 2020 at 11:30 am

      Aw thank you!

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