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Loving Lately: Welcome to February

We’re officially over a week into February, and so far it’s been a doozy of a month. It’s also been a refreshing month so far as we’ve made some big changes as a family and I’ve started getting back into running again. I’m running my first race in four years on Saturday and I’m slightly nervous, but excited, and feeling like I might be the last person to cross the finish line. Somehow I’ve ended up in the second corral (THANK YOU HUSBAND!) so hopefully grandma over here isn’t trampled at the start. HA!

I wanted to pop in today and share a fun loving lately post. I found it interesting that in my reader survey, these more lifestyle/daily posts are some of your favorites. Which is a-ok with me because they are equally fun to write and put together. Plus it’s Friday, and who doesn’t love a good easy read?

Here we go:

Evening runs

I’ve snuck out before dinner a few nights this week for a run around our neighborhood and each time has felt amazing. I’m hoping to make it more of a regular occurrence now that B is easier to leave and A doesn’t seem to mind as much. Each time I’ve gone out she’s acted super excited about Mommy running and wants to talk all about it when I get back.

Leftover slow cooker pulled pork

As you know, one of our favorite easy meals is slow cooker loaded pulled pork tots, and after we made them earlier this week, we’ve been slowly eating the leftovers of the pork. For lunch on Wednesday I made some super easy pulled pork tacos that were delicious and so budget friendly. Making the pulled pork at the beginning of the week is a great way to have it throughout the week for different types of meals. We also had a pulled pork caesar salad one night, and tots again for lunch yesterday – so good!

Barrett snuggles

Thanks to everyone who reached out asking how B was after we took him to the emergency room Monday night. We still aren’t sure why he was so sick, other than just a weird tummy bug. Thankfully, he wasn’t dehydrated when we got to the hospital, and seemed to feel much better the next day. Since then, he’s been extra snuggly and I haven’t hated the extra cuddles!

Good Girls

We just started binging this on Netflix and it is hilarious! I thought it was a movie this whole time until Adam randomly turned it on for us to start. I LOVE IT. It’s so great. It’s got Mae Whitman, and I’ve always loved her ever since Parenthood. It’s also got Retta, who is of course fantastic.

Flawless in Five

This is Beautycounter’s current promotion. With the purchase of Flawless in Five ($150), you can also receive a free retractable brush ($35). I’ll be sharing more details about Flawless in Five next week, but basically it’s the perfect starting point for cleaning up your makeup routine and swapping out your basic staples for safer products, free of any toxic junk. It comes with 6 products, and you can choose the shades that work best for you. I use 5/6 products pretty much every time I wear makeup (and have for almost 3 years now!) and can’t speak highly enough of this set! LOVE it. I also shared more on Instagram & Facebook. If you want to learn more about Flawless in Five and get started with a safer makeup routine, you can read more about it HERE. It’s also just a great entry point for trying BC for the first time. Super simple, and easy. Also, how gorgeous are BC products?? They’re all just so pretty!

Short hair don’t care

Did you see I cut 8″ of my hair off last week? I swore up and down and left and right that I wouldn’t chop it all off after having B but I just couldn’t stand it a second longer! B has just gotten to the pulling stage where he pulls.everything.so.hard.and.its.so.painful! That little guy has got some serious pulling power. My hair was also just falling out like crazy anyways (thank you postpartum hormones) so it really needed to be cut. I usually feel the most confident with long hair, and honestly prefer for it to be long, but change every now and then is good and I’m enjoying playing with my new do! And for those who have already asked or are wondering, yes, we donated it to Pantene.

Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to recap the race next week – wish us luck!


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    February 8, 2019 at 7:35 am

    Good luck at your race this weekend! Have fun!!

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    February 8, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    Good luck this weekend! You’re going to rock it, Mama!

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