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Loving Lately: Teeographic Tees, Netflix, Target

Hey heyyy!

Let’s just pretend like today is Friday and chat about all things we’re loving lately! I skipped this post last week, so thought I’d share some fun finds as of late.

Teeographic Tees –

If you’ve ever wondered where Truckee got her name, this should clear it up. Truckee is a small mountain town just north of Lake Tahoe in CA. It’s also home to the Truckee River, a beautiful clear river flowing out of the lake. It’s actually the ONLY river flowing out of the lake. When we honeymooned at Tahoe, we drove alongside the Truckee River and both said if we ever had a dog, that would be its name. And recently, a friend of ours started a new online tee shop, Teeographic, where you can literally customize a shirt with any city’s coordinates. We ordered me a Truckee tee, and Adam a Little Rock tee. They’re super soft, comfortable, and simplistic. You should definitely check them out!

Netflix Gems –

There are so many great things on Netflix right now! My current favorite is Girlboss, a “very loose telling” of Nasty Gal’s founder Sophia Am0ruso’s climb to success. It’s HILARIOUS, and me and Adam have both loved watching it. It’s actually based on her book, #Girlboss, and I have wanted to read it for years! We’ve also been watching Arrested Development (not new, but always a great laugh), Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Return (this is a remake of an old show Adam used to love growing up, and now he’s got me watching it and it’s hilarious!), Black Mirror (depends on the episode…so weird!), and Schitt’s Creek (hilarious!).

girlboss on netflix

John Mayer –

I mean…how can you NOT love John Mayer, like, all the time. But his latest album came out and it is fantastic. It’s been on repeat pretty much every morning around here while I check my emails and start my day!

john mayer new album

Target baby snacks + Cartwheel app –

Lately I’ve been buying most of our toddler snacks at Target using the Cartwheel app for extra savings! Last weekend I think I bought like 20 pouches but got several of them either 10% off or free! (Hello Red Card!) Target has the best snacks – even like their Market Pantry snacks, and their selection of Annie’s snacks is great!

The above photo was also take right before she dumped that ENTIRE canister of cheesy puffy things onto the floor while in line at customer service. So that was fun. Ha!

18 Month Adeline –

I Just. Can’t. Handle. Her!!! This age is amazing in every way. She’s also waving at everything, saying “bye bye”, and walks around like she runs the town. I LOVE IT!!!!

I took her 18 month photos the other night, and I need to work on her 18 month update for the blog. I have a feeling it’s going to be crazy long because these past 3 months have been PACKED with fun changes and new things! We don’t go to the ped. for her 18 mo apt until next week, so I may wait until we’ve got all her juicy stats. We’ll see!

Enjoy your Tuesday! What are you loving lately? Are you a loyal Target Red Card and Cartwheel user?


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    Heather @ Polyglot Jot
    April 25, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Yes, please lets pretend it’s Friday! 🙂 My husband and I started Girl Boss last night–it’s pretty funny so far!
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