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Loving Lately: Late May Edition

Happy Friday! Can you even believe we’re at the end of MAY?! How is that even possible?! This is a special Friday for a few different reasons. 1. It’s my company’s first ‘Summer Friday’ of the year and I’m so excited to jett out of here a little earlier than usual! And 2. It’s the start of Memorial Day weekend which is like the gatekeeper to all things SUMMER! And 3. It’s the start of a weeklong family vacation for us, and I can’t WAIT! We’ll be traveling on Sunday to visit my family back home, and it will be our first big trip with two little ones in tow. In summary: pray for us! HA!

I’m sharing another simply Loving Lately post today to sort of wrap up the week with a pretty little bow on top. It’s been a long week, as they always seem to be now that working from home also involves chasing a baby who thinks he’s Evel Knievel! Dare devil, let me tell you. I can only imagine the kind of trouble our little man is going to get himself into in the coming months and years! His big sister is going to have to help us keep an eye on him – wild man! (Kidding, but really, he’s already so brave and curious!)

Here are a few things that have, as Marie Kondo would say, have sparked joy for me this week. Maybe you will enjoy one of these things too!

My Tough As Thorns Rose Bushes!

They’re alive!! It was touch and go there for a while, but you guys, they are THRIVING NOW!! One of them, the one I planted in essentially a pile of dirt just as an experiment is actually the biggest one – it’s triple the size of the other 3! There is new growth on all 4, new blooms, and I’m just so tickled! I can’t WAIT to watch them grow and grow and grow!

Red Ascend 7/8 Hi-Rise Zyia Leggings

You guys may have seen that I’ve been rep’ing for Zyia lately, and I received my favorite pair of leggings to date! As soon as I put them on I was like, these are the most comfortable pair of leggings I think I’ve ever owned! So far, I’d say I’ve liked all of my Zyia gear so far, but these red leggings are the first thing I’ve really LOVED and can’t live without. Zyia makes activewear, similar to athleta or lululemon, and you can become a rep for them for either the discount, or to build yourself a little side-hustle! Right now, I’m just enjoying the discount and sharing the new items I’ve ordered for my workouts and postpartum fitness journey! I’m trying to give them a fair shot since they’re so new, so we’ll see where it goes and I’ll keep you updated! I still need to do a full review on the rep starter kit and my honest thoughts so far, but I’m honestly still compiling my thoughts in my head so hang tight! I’m not sure if I’m as passionate about it as my love for Beautycounter, so wanted to just give ya’ll a little update!

Adeline’s New Water Bottle

I posted this on my stories over the weekend, but Adeline is obsessed with hew new special water bottle we got her! We saw it at Target, randomly, and I tossed it in the cart when I realized it was pretty spill-proof, sweat proof, and temperature proof. It’s kind of like a mini-Hydroflask but with the option for a straw, and a cap that closes over the straw hole! She really loves it when we get her something that feels “special” and “only for her” so she’s taken ownership over it and is so proud of it.

Trader Joe’s Maple Leaf Cookies

Adam brought these home from Trader Joe’s one night this week, as a treat for himself thinking his girls wouldn’t like them. Turns out, they are DELICIOUS and Adeline and I can’t stop eating them!! They’re so good! They have a yummy maple flavor without being too overwhelming.

Chernobyl on HBO

Ummmmmm. Anyone else watching the HBO miniseries, Chernobyl? Because wow wow wow it’s intense. And terrifying. And so good. It’s also fairly accurate and incredibly realistic, which is the scariest part of all! Highly recommend watching if you still have your HBO subscription after GOT ended, haha! Helpful tip: don’t watch it alone after dark, or if you can’t handle human suffering. It’s legit, ya’ll. But so good.

Target Simply Balanced Sparkling Water

During the summer months, we like to stock our garage fridge with an endless supply of sparkling water, like La Croix, etc. We recently added a few flavors of Target’s Simply Balanced brand and the Black Cherry flavor is now one of my new favorites! I’m not normally a cherry flavor lover, because eww medicine flavor, but this sparkling water is tasty and crisp! Definitely pick some up next time you make a Target run!

Our Family of 4 + No TV

I know this is a weird thing to have on my list, but I’m just loving my little family! I mean, I always do, BUT this week we’ve been doing an experiment where we haven’t turned the TV or any screen on while Adeline and Barrett are awake. We’re trying to see if it has an impact on her behavior and her listening skills, and so far it’s proven to be most valuable in creating more intentional family time! I’ll be sharing more about this little trial next week, so stay tuned! PS like half a dozen people made a comment about Barrett’s face in this picture – he had JUST woken up from a nap and just didn’t want to smile, I guess. Sorry guys! Ha! Yes, he takes imperfect pictures every now and then! 😉

Happy weekend-ing everyone!!

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    I was wondering where all of my cookies went…

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