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Loving Lately: Back On The Grid

Oh hey everyone! Long time no chat! I didn’t mean to fall off the grid for so long, but last Friday the wheels fell off and everything came grinding to a screeching stop. I’ve been taking my time getting back at it though because it’s honestly been nice to be on a little break, physically and mentally, even if it was on accident.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve already seen that I ended up coming down with the flu (!!!!) and a 102.2 fever. I’ve never felt like I was more at my breaking point than in that very moment, and I just couldn’t ‘mom’ anymore. After having a hard time since going back to work, combined with not feeling well since basically Thanksgiving, running on fumes after several nights of no sleep, and the totality of trying to balance everything surrounding two kids in general, I think my body literally just broke! Thankfully my in-laws are amazing, and after a tearful and somewhat delirious S.O.S. call, they happily offered to take the kids for the night so I could take care of myself and get a good night’s sleep. Adam spent the night over there too, so I had the house to myself, and it was glorious. Truckee and I binged Netflix together and snuggled. I felt guilty for a hot second spending the night away from B, before realizing that a mama bear can’t take care of her cubs if she can’t take care of herself! I also remembered that this is exactly why I have a freezer stash – for emergencies! And this 100% qualified as an emergency.

I’ve had a lot of questions come through about B and how his sleep has been going. (And if we’re surviving!) It really turned into quite the saga there last week, and I’m planning on sharing a more detailed update and review of the Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit sometime this weekend!

For today, I just wanted to share a few fun things I’ve been loving this week, not related to baby sleep! Let’s get to it.

Mary Poppins Returns Soundtrack

You guys, Adeline and I (and Adam!) have been listening to it on repeat in the car as of late. Adeline loves it, and has even started to sing along and it’s the cutest thing. The music is just so good, and happy, and positive, and you can’t help but be in a good mood when you listening to it. Adam actually hasn’t seen the movie yet, but I’m hoping maybe he can take Adeline to see it again before it’s out of the theater. Also, we’ve all decided we need a Mary Poppins nanny in our lives. She could probably make B sleep in no time! ha! PS anyone have a weird crush on Lin Manuel Miranda? He is just too good!


Ah, hello my dear old friend. After being on Tamiflu, and copious amounts of tylenol and ibuprofen, my milk supply has taken a bit of a hit. Surpirse surprise. So, I’m bringing in the big guns to help give it a little boost, and plan on whipping up some of my favorite lactation cookies this weekend. I found Fenugreek to be helpful when I was nursing Adeline, so we’ll see if it helps this time around as well. Who’s wants to come have a milk party with me?!

If you too are looking for more ways to increase your milk supply, check out this post I previously wrote on the topic.

Truckee Tales back on Instagram

She’s back! I honest to goodness forgot Truckee had her own Instagram account for about two years and just had a wild hair last night to update it. Or she did, rather. The last picture she’d posted was from when we lived in AR and Adeline was around 18 months old! It was fun going back through old pictures of she and the kids, and it warms my heart to see how she’s consistently been the sweetest gentle giant there ever was. Adeline is going to grow up knowing Truckee, and Barrett too here pretty soon. Adeline and Truckee are the best of girlfriends, so I can’t wait to see what kind of relationship he forms with her. If you don’t already follow @truckeetales on Instagram, head on over and give her a follow, and like a few photos so she’ll start showing up in your feed. Who doesn’t love a good dogstagram? (And this one comes with cute babies, too!)

Lightening up the house

I’ve made it a goal since we moved into our new house, to try and make it “lighter” than our old house. Our old house had amazing natural light, so I don’t mean in that essence, but the molding throughout the house was dark brown, our couches were dark brown, the kitchen was dark brown, the wood floors were dark brown, the walls were beige, and really is just very brown. Our new house though, our walls are light grey, which already feels much lighter. We do however still have dark brown couches, and dark brown cabinets, so I’ve made it my goal to focus on bringing in white/cream accents whenever possible to lighten things up! I recently found some cute white/cream pillows at Target (this one, and two of these), received a new white/cream couch blanket for Christmas, and will finally be hanging some white curtains in the breakfast nook this weekend. I’ve also been trying to lighten up our mantle decor, which is a constant work in progress.

Tidying Up

Who else has watched this? I read half her book several years ago and loved her philosophies, so I was pumped to see it appear on Netflix recently. Apparently, the rest of the world was pumped as well and it’s all the rage right now! I can’t tell you how many IG shots I’ve seen of people’s t-shirt drawers. Which, I really don’t need to see, but it sure is motivating to do mine as well! I haven’t gotten a chance to go through and tidy up our home using her methods quite yet, but I’m excited to tackle that this weekend maybe. I’m all for getting rid of items that don’t spark joy! She’s also quite literally the cutest human I’ve ever seen, and I want to be her best friend.

My Parent’s Last Visit!

I never even really got to recap my parent’s last visit on the blog! But, they were here over the long New Year’s weekend and we had a BLAST! Adeline just ate up every single second of grandparent time and Barrett loved the extra snuggles and lovin’. We opened gifts, took them to some of our favorite places to eat, and played, and played. It was a wonderful weekend, and I was so sad to see them go. As was Adeline – it just about broke my heart seeing her cry as she said ‘bye’ before they left for the airport. It sure is tough living far from half our family, but it makes the time spent together so much more special!

Grins and Grace Mom Tees + New House Slippies

I received a couple of these for Christmas and I’m obsessed. I’ve been following her for months on Instagram, and just love all of her hand drawings and designs. My two favorites are the ‘Into motherhood I go to lose my mind and find my soul’ and ‘Don’t mess with mama’. And they’re super soft, so I’ve basically been living in either these, or my favorite Motherhood + Apple Pie Madre t-shirt. And I’ve been keeping my feet toasty cozy with my new house slippers my dad surprised me with! I think he won Christmas with these fuzzy things! I’m obsessed. (Altar’d State!)

Starting Barrett’s first photo book

I finally made myself sit down for two seconds and start Barrett’s first photo book, (pregnancy, birth, newborn, first two weeks) and I’m so excited to be almost done with it! It’s been bittersweet putting it together, and I may have cried a little doing the spread with photos from his birth, but I know I’ll never regret making these photo books for the kids. He may not have as many books as big sis, but I’m darn determined to make sure he at least has a few in his collection! If you’re looking for more on how I do my photo books and store or organize my photos, check out this previous post.

What’s one thing you’re loving lately? Or this week?

I promise I’ll share my reader survey results with you all next week – it’s on the docket!

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    January 11, 2019 at 11:06 am

    Glad you are feeling better! I’ve had a cold all week, and while not quite on the same level as the flu, I’ve been going to sleep with R every night at 8:30 and haven’t been able to do anything basically! Blogging in 2019 is off to a zero start LOL. I took Fenugreek with R when I was trying to get my supply up and it did NOTHING. I actually tried all the teas and cookies and oatmeal, and nada. It was so sad. I hope it works for you! Excited for your survey results!
    Amanda recently posted…12-Minute Memoir: Mess (or, This is Life with Toddlers)My Profile

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      January 11, 2019 at 3:37 pm

      Oh no it didn’t help you at all?? It worked awesome for me with A, so I’m hoping it gives me a boost this time too, combined with every other trick in the book of course. It’s certainly not a cure all on its own! I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well! It’s so hard being sick as a mom! Ha don’t feel bad not blogging – I did my New Years posts then pretty much died and forgot I had a blog!

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