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Let’s Chalk About That Easel {Little Partners Review}

I received the following product free of charge in order to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Sweet Miles and the companies I believe in.

If there’s one thing I love most in this world, it’s a good pun. And today, I’m popping back in to sing even more praises for the Little Partners Learning Tower I showed you guys a few posts back. The Learning Tower has proven to be a staple in our house, and I’m so thankful we were able to acquire one! I feel like it entered our lives at exactly the most opportune time, and Adeline just can’t get enough of it lately.

little partners easel review

little partners easel on learning tower

I promised I would share more about the LT, including some fun accessories and this ridiculously cool easel attachment. The LT is crazy versatile, and now that we’ve got the easel attached, it’s become a creation station of sorts – a place for Adeline to learn how to create delicious food, and a place for Adeline to create works of art Picasso and Monet could only dream of replicating. Hi hello, totally biased mother over here!

Now, let’s chalk about those details!

So the easel attachment is actually called the Learn and Share Easel, and retails for $69.99. Now, before you think that’s too expensive, let me put on my infomercial hat. BUT WAIT! There’s more! The Learn and Share Easel is actually 4 easels in one, meaning there are 4 different interchangeable surfaces included. There’s two main boards, two sides each – a chalkboard, a whiteboard, a felt board, and a magnetic board. It was basically like Christmas morning when I realized this. I honest to goodness thought it was only going to be a chalkboard before I assembled it!

little partners learning tower easel extension

Quality wise, it’s built just as sturdy and solid as the LT. It was easy to attach to the LT, and came with an eraser, a mesh pocket, and plastic cups for storing chalk or markers. The boards all move easily in and out, making switching them out no trouble at all.

little partners learning tower whiteboard easel

Adeline has had so much fun playing with it everyday, and she begs me to get her chalk and markers out. Admittedly, allowing my toddler access to dry erase markers was maybe not my finest parenting moment, so they stay safely tucked away in a drawer when she’s not coloring with them. Thankfully, we quickly learned that they actually wipe off of surfaces, and skin, quite easily! Ha!

I haven’t moved her animal magnets to the magnet side yet, but I’m excited to also find some numbers and alphabet magnets for her to play with. I also haven’t used the felt side yet, but I think when she gets just a little bit older it will be really fun to use for lots of preschool learning activities. All 4 sides/boards are really so useful, and I imagine we’ll be using it for years to come.

If you’re already looking for a great birthday or Christmas gift, you might ought to consider the LT and one of its’ accessories. I really, really don’t think you’d be disappointed!


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