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Last Minute Christmas Book Guide For Toddlers

This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY.

We’ve reached the point in parenthood where we’re realizing that our kids don’t need any more toys. In fact, they really don’t need anything, but especially toys. (Even though we totally keep buying them – ugh!) One thing they can always use more of though is books. (Gimme all the kids’ books!) Anytime anyone asks what the kids want or need, we try our best to recommend getting them books because I truly believe they can never have too many! And now that Barrett is starting to love books too, we’ve noticed that HIS book collection is actually quite small. Adeline’s bedroom, closet, and the playroom are practically bursting at the seams with books tailored towards her, but books that are more Barrett’s speed aren’t near as plentiful. So, we recently hit up buybuy BABY to stock up, and I can’t WAIT for Santa (and us!) to surprise him with them on Christmas morning. And you know what? Books are the PERFECT last minute Christmas gift to add to your shopping list – they’re so easy to pick up, fun to wrap, and always appreciated.

buybuy BABY actually has an amazing selection of books! I know I’ve bragged on them before for their toy selection and all things baby, but they also have the sweetest books. They’ve got cute sets of books, little board books, tons of Dr. Seuss books, classic staples, and unique titles I don’t see very often. Adeline always looks digging through their bookshelves, and I often snap quick photos of titles I want to remember to pick up the next time I’m there. The books are usually near the front of the toy section, across from the strollers and baby gear.

So here are the books we picked up on our most recent trip for Barrett. I think they’re all perfect for the 12-24 month age range! I’m thinking we’ll wrap each book individually and just let him go to town since he’s going to be so young this Christmas and not exactly remember any of it!

  • I’m Going To Give You a Bear Hug! (Soooo sweet!)
  • Santa Claus Is On His Way to Texas (Thinking about letting he and Adeline open this one on Christmas Eve!)
  • Do Cows Meow?
  • The Wonky Donkey (Have you seen the viral video of the grandmother reading this one? Hilarious!)
  • Made For Me (May have teared up reading this one in the store…)
  • The Sloth Slept On
  • Good Night Christmas
  • Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See
  • Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?

Since we’re just one week away from Christmas, make sure you add some of these books from buybuy BABY to your list! You can wrap them up in cute ways, add an ornament to each one, or use fun ribbons and bows. Get creative! Books don’t have to be boring gifts! PLUS use your 20% off coupons to make them even more affordable. Such a great deal!

Have you shopped at buybuy BABY for books? Do you like gifting books? Do you like receiving books for your kids?

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