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I Like White Cakes and I Cannot Lie: Birthday Photo Dump

Now that I finally feel like I can start catching up on life, I need to back this train up and do a quick birthday recap! Thanksgiving, and Black Friday, and Christmas are all approaching waaaaay too fast for comfort and before we get too ahead of ourselves, I need to revel in the wonderfulness of OCTOBER one more time. I know, December is like, tomorrow practically. But bear with me. Holiday content is coming! (If I can ever actually get lights on my tree and throw my pumpkins out!)

So, back in October, aka the month I swear didn’t actually happen because I blinked and it was over, we celebrated two big birthdays! Adam turned 31 and Adeline turned 4. We kept our festivities small and limited to a quick family night full of presents, cake, and coffee. Well, except for Adeline – she also got a plane ride to TN, but that’s a whole other recap I’ve yet to do. Yikes!

I think by now I’ve pretty much mastered the standard 2-layer round, white box cake with homemade buttercream frosting. It’s become my go-to, and sometimes evens turns out quite cute if I do say so myself! For a break-n-bake kind of girl, this is a big deal, people. (I think the kicker is the homemade buttercream frosting, so if you’re not already doing this, I’ve got a great recipe I can send your way! Be sure to invest in an offset spatula too!) So for Adam’s birthday, he got exactly that – a white cake (Funfetti to be exact because that’s the birthday boy’s favorite!) with a fancy 31 candle, straight from Betty Crocker herself. Adeline’s cake, on the other hand, I dyed pink using a few drops of pink food coloring in the frosting. BOOM. I popped on a cute unicorn cake topper and Adeline absolutely loved it! You simply cannot.go.wrong.with.this.cake.strategy. A thin layer of frosting on the inside, with a thicker layer on the outside, and voila.

Here are a few more pictures from Adeline’s little birthday celebration. Since she actually had two birthday parties, I divided up a giant box of unicorn party supplies and used some of it in TX and some in TN. We had Adam’s family over for pizza, per the birthday girl, then went straight into presents, cake, and playtime with big cousins. One gift she received was a soccer goal, so they had a blast helping her set it up and practicing kicking the ball into the net.

We won’t have any more birthdays for our little family until my birthday in March, so my supreme cake-making skills will just have to go back into hibernation I suppose, ha!

Also, can we just talk about how OLD Adeline looks in that last picture? I can’t even handle it. She is growing up so fast!

If you actually read this post, I applaud you! Thanks for sticking around and continuing to visit this little space! Full steam ahead into holiday posts now – let’s gooooo!!

What is your go-to cake? Do you bake from scratch or use a box cake?

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    November 22, 2019 at 5:09 am

    Beautiful cakes! Buttercream frosting recipe please!

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