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Half #8: Training Runs 2 and 3

As promised, to I guess myself and anyone else who cares to read about this little half marathon journey I’ve gotten myself into…I’m back to share the details of my half marathon training. My goal is to try and share HOW it’s possible to run while being a full time working mom of two who hasn’t run anything significant in 5 years. (And I’m trying to figure this out, too!) This week I knocked out runs 2 and 3, and will, of course, be doing my first “long” run this weekend! At least that’s the plan! It’s also Adam’s birthday weekend, so my plan is to actually run on Sunday afternoon sometime. Anyways, let’s dive in.

Training Run #2

4 miles / Outside / Wednesday at lunchtime
*Our nanny kept the kids at the house while we went running at a nearby park together on our lunch breaks

This run was honestly horrible and really discouraging. After a doozy of a week though, I should have known that running was going to be difficult. Combined with the fact that it was near 90 and sunny for quite a bit of the path, I think my mental load got the best of me and I felt like I just couldn’t get it together. I told Adam it felt like I was running with a 10 lb backpack on. I felt like we had to stop for me to walk every two seconds, and it was just awful. I even told him almost in tears that it was so stupid to think I could do another half marathon. (Hello emotions from the week! Yikes!) But at the end, we did a couple “sprints” and that helped me at least feel like I was ending on a high note. 4 miles took us 54 minutes…woof.

Training Run #3

4.1 miles / Treadmill / Thursday night
*I helped with bathtime, got B in his jammies, then put A in the playroom to color while Adam put B to bed, and I snuck out to the gym. Adam then put A down. I was gone for about an hour total and got hope just before 9PM.

  • Mile 1 – 10:00 pace, walked .1
  • Mile 2 – 10:00 pace, walked .1
  • Mile 3 – 9:40 pace, walked .1
  • Mile 3.5 – 9:33 pace
  • Mile 4.1 – 9:20 pace

I would call this a redemption run from Wednesday’s run. I felt so, so much better, and so much stronger. And even better, I felt like my head was clear and I could just RUN. I also watched the Dallas Stars opening night hockey game up above the treadmill which kept me entertained! I’m still not quite strong enough to run without stopping to walk at all, but slowly but surely we’re getting there! I know it will just take some time to get my heart back in the condition it needs to be! Every run will feel a little bit easier.

Total fan girl over here. After we went to that pre-season game last weekend, I’m OBSESSED! Ha! GO STARS!

We’re getting there guys! A long run this weekend and week 1 of training will be IN THE BOOKS.

What are your weekend plans? Are you running any fall races? Is this helpful to you at all to get an inside look at sort of how I’m “finding the time”?


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    Amanda Bumgarner
    October 7, 2019 at 1:50 pm

    Awesome job! I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily “helpful” to see how you’re finding the time, but it is interesting! I think everyone’s schedules are so different that it wouldn’t be helpful to me to see when someone runs, but that’s super fun you guys are able to go on runs together during the day!
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      October 9, 2019 at 9:54 am

      Maybe “helpful” isn’t the right word then. More so, encouraging or even just enlightening. I’m always curious how other busy parents possibly find the time to exercise, so I’d like to be able to share how we make it work and show that fitting in exercise in the littlest nooks and crannies of life is possible. Just like when you see on IG moms who have 6 pack abs – I’m always like, at what point in the day did you have time to do enough core work to whip up those abs when you also have 4 kids and conference calls and this and that. It’s always made me want to know ‘their secret’!

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