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Our Favorite Running Sunglasses – A Goodr Sunglasses Review

I’m sure by now you’ve seen Adam or I sporting these bright colored sunglasses in our running pictures. And I think it’s safe to say we’re both obsessed! So, I thought I’d pop in and share a bit more about them real quick after receiving a few questions on how we like them.

The brand is Goodr. (Pronounced: good-er). And to put it simply, they are super affordable, non-slip, polarized sunglasses with a fun personality! And even better marketing! They’re designed for runners first and foremost, so they’re lightweight, don’t bounce, and stay on your face really well even when you’re sweaty. Like for real – I never have to adjust them while I’m running, they’re amazing! They come in tons of unique colors and a few different styles/shapes, so really there’s a pair for everyone.

goodr running sunglasses review

Between the two of us, we own 5 pairs, but I’m technically on my second pink pair thanks to a certain little boy (cough cough Barrett cough cough) so really I guess our total stands at 6. The ones we have and are shown above are:

  • Going to Valhalla, Witness!
  • Wonder Woman (free through the DC Wonder Woman run I did recently)
  • Figment’s Desert Tears
  • Flamingos on a Booze Cruise
  • Apple Jack the Ripper
goodr sunglasses for running

I’ve always had a hard time finding sunglasses, and honestly, once I find a nice pair I love I tend to hold onto them for YEARS. But, that also usually means they were pretty expensive to begin with. However, now that polarized sunglasses aren’t as expensive as they used to be, and we’ve discovered Goodr, there’s no going back! These are seriously my favorite sunglasses I’ve ever owned, and if I’m not wearing them running, I’m wearing them in the car, playing in the yard with the kids, or out running errands. Just the fact that they aren’t constantly slipping down my nose makes them worth their weight in gold.

goodr sunglasses

They are also great for both men and women. So like there’s been a few times where I can’t find one of my pairs so I’ve grabbed one of Adam’s, or vice versa. (Yes, he looks as good in hot pink sunglasses as you can imagine, ha!) But really though – it’s super nice that they are made to fit either/or.

The fun names of each pair are printed on the inside of the frame, with Goodr on the outside. Oh, and some Goodrs have mirrored lenses and some don’t – so take note of that before you order a pair. I usually prefer sunglasses that have lenses where you can’t see my eyes, so I tend to wear my Flamingos On a Booze Cruise or Wonder Woman ones more often. I still love my purple ones (Figment’s Desert Tears) but I do wish the lenses were mirrored instead of orange toned. I’ll just have to replace them some time with a pair of Gardening With a Krakens!

On my wish list next are:

So, if you’re a runner and you’re looking for a fun pair of sunglasses to wear while you run that won’t fall off your face, hop on the Goodr train! Of, if you’re simply just looking for an affordable pair of polarized sunglasses that won’t break the bank if your toddler rips them in half (only speaking from personal experience) then again, hop on the Goodr train!

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    Beth Gipson
    May 4, 2020 at 1:28 pm

    Hey Sarah! This is so wild…I just happened across your blog today and one of my dearest friends and I had just finished a discussion earlier this morning about these sunglasses! I’d never heard of them and she was telling me all about them. I’m going to have to try a pair. Thanks for the review!
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    • Reply
      May 28, 2020 at 8:49 pm

      That’s awesome! Yes we love Goodr! Glad you’re going to try them out!

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