Baby’s First Beach Trip Packing List

Taking your baby to the beach is one of the best memories from the early days. We’d go every year, and the amount of memories I have there are too many to count. The beach has always held an extra special place in my heart. 

It’s always great to get away, for an adventure. I am so thankful we took so many family beach vacations growing up, and I’m determined to make sure our kids still know the wonders of the beach.

We’ve been slowly packing for a few days, filling our bags with what we think is indispensable, and asking family and friends for advice on what to take. I think we’ve just about got everything together, and are good to go!

I thought I’d share my packing list, it’s taken me a lot of time putting it all together so it will hopefully save you that time.

Baby’s First Beach Trip Packing List

Baby’s First Beach Trip Packing List

Beach Tent 

Perfect for providing much needed shade, a large umbrella will also do the trick.

Beach Blanket

A beach blanket is a must, to keep everything as sand free as possible.

Baby Swim Float

These small floats are specifically designed for babies and help them stay afloat while they swim. Plus, they provide parents with an extra layer of safety during swimming.

Baby Powder

Always needed when you’re around water.

Pack N Play

The Pack N Play is a playpen that includes a changing station, two soft beds, and a mobile. It can be set up in minutes and takes up very little space, it just makes life easier, especially at the beach.


Safe sunscreen is a must if you’re going to be outside all day. Remember to keep applying it throughout the day.

Baby Hat

Another item to help keep your baby safe from the sun.

Portable High Chair

Not an essential but it is great to have to keep sand out of your baby’s food.

Beach Tote

A good beach tote is essential to keep everything together and clean.

Big Beach Towels

Big beach towels are always needed.

Swim Diapers

Swim diapers are designed specifically for swimming a must for a day at the beach.

Sound Machine

Don’t forget to bring your sound machine to help your little one drift off.

Quilt or Blanket

A good quilt for the ride home and nap time will help soothe your baby.

Picture Outfit and Camera

Take your pictures as soon as you get to the beach, before the mess begins 🙂

Hydroflask Water Bottle

Everyone needs to keep hydrated.

Small Cooler

Take a small cooler with you stocked with food and drinks to keep you and your family going all day.

Lightweight Stroller

A lightweight stroller is great if you want to head into the town or away from the beach for a bit.

Car Snacks

Always a must for any car journey.

So we now have the entire house packed into our modest SUV. I’m very happy that we were able to pack as light as we did.

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