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Gift Ideas For Three Year Old Girls

I’ve been meaning to put this post together for a while now, and it’s finally here! Several months back, I had a few requests for a gift guide for three year old girls, and after gathering some ideas and thinking on what our own three year old likes and/or has asked for, I think I’ve compiled a pretty good list of thought starters. All of these things we either have, have a variation of, or I’ve got on a revolving wish list. Shopping for girls who are between the ages of 3-4 is harder than it looks, because going from age 3 to 4 really spans such a wide range of development. I think this list gives a pretty good variety though, and with a little added creativity, I think you could come up with the perfect gift! I tried to leave off the obvious things like clothing, bows, shoes, and basic needs. (If you’re really in a pinch though, anything Cat & Jack by Target is always a given! What about some cute new rain boots or a fun seasonal gift?!)

Here are 20 gift ideas for 3 year old girls:

Disney Princess Dress-up Dresses – I’m pretty sure if our girl could wear a Disney Princess play dress-up outfit everyday, she would! Age 3 is such a fun time for their little imaginations!

Lego Duplo Farmer’s Market – Lego Duplo sets are a favorite around here. We received a Beauty & The Beast set for her 3rd birthday, but lately we’ve been enjoying family outings to the local farmer’s market on Saturday mornings and I thought this set would be so cute!

Mosaic Craft – There are several different versions of these mosaic crafts, and they’re always a hit. Santa brought a few to our girly this year and they easily entertain, and help with several skills.

LCD Doodle Pad – Really, any new blank coloring pad, new markers, crayons, etc. are always a favorite around here, but this LCD Doodle Pad would be PERFECT for special occasions like church or airplane rides, or even quiet time in their room.

Skip Hop Little Kid Backpack – We actually bought one of these Skip Hop backpacks for our girly for her second birthday, but closer to three was when she really fell in love with it and now she takes it with us everywhere. We also had it monogrammed to personalize it a bit more for her.

Highlights Hidden Pictures Sticker Book – My mom gifted our girl a Highlights subscription and she LOVES getting her Highlights “magazines”. The hidden picture sections are always her favorite and these devoted hidden picture books that come with stickers are so fun! PS You could always just gift a Highlights subscription!

Balance Bike – Santa brought a balance bike this year, and though we’re still practicing, I think 3 is a great age to start practicing bike skills. If you’re not interested in a balance bike, think any outdoor toy might be fun – something they could play with outside that they don’t already have!

Mini American Girl Doll – We have “Kit” and she’s so cute! I don’t think we’re at the age yet where our girl can fully appreciate a full size American Girl Dolls, but the minis are so cute for younger girls! They’re about 6″ or so.

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dress Up Doll Friends – We have something very similar to this that lives under our TV stand, and it is very, very loved! It comes with small pieces though like shoes and hats, so we have to only play with it when baby brother isn’t around, but it’s so fun and she loves making endless outfits.

Dry Erase Learn Your Numbers/Letter Book – Perfect for practicing! Love this brand!

Pretend Play Makeup – Not that I want my daughter thinking that makeup is a must, but she DOES see me put makeup on and she DOES always ask to play with it, so having some pretend makeup she can call her own has been really fun for her.

Magna Tiles Knock Off – Magna Tiles are so fun, but they’re also SO expensive! There are tons of off-brand options on Amazon, and I’ve been waiting until the right time to finally pick some up for A!

Gardening Supplies Kit + Flower Garden Kit – If your girl is as into gardening and flowers as mine is, she might love something like this! A gardening tools kit and/or a kit to start growing her own flowers!

Pretend Cash Register – Anytime we go shopping, our girl always wants to “help us pay” so when we’re at home, sometimes we’ll pretend to shop in the playroom and make a game out of it. Something like this would be a fun way to start learning more about money and the value of it!

Big Girl Books That Inspire – Rosie Revere Engineer – I’m all for girl-power books and there are so many great ones out there! Rosie Revere The Engineer is one of our girl’s FAVORITES and her Mom and Dad might love it too!

Fun Sleeping Bag – I actually found this exact same sleeping bag, but in purple, at Home Goods for about $35. I bought it as a special treat for our girl to take to her grandparent’s house after baby brother was born, and now she’s obsessed and actually sleeps in it on top of her bed every night! (And we still use it for grandparent sleepovers!)

Fun Hat for Outside Play and Fun Sunglasses – Can’t go wrong with new accessories! We actually have these exact same sunglasses, and our girl LOVES them.

Giant Coloring Pages – Our girl received a Disney Princess giant coloring pad and fresh colored pencils and fun scented markers for her 3rd birthday and still loves coloring with them. I thought it was such a cute gift idea! They’re literally huge, and so cute! She can spread them out all over the playroom floor and color them for hours.

I’d love to hear what YOUR three old is into! I’m sure I could add lots of fun things to this list if we had all the time in the world!

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    September 26, 2019 at 6:00 am

    Wow! What a comprehensive post. I have been out of ideas on things to keep my 3 year old girl busy and thus this has come at the right time

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