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Gift Guide For The Working And Pumping Mom (All From Amazon and All Under $50!)

Happy Friday! And just like that, I survived my first week back working full time, with both kids in school. Adeline transitioned over to preschool, and Barrett had a great first week in the infant room. It was a long, hard week, with lots of ups and downs, but we made it. Being a working mom of one is tough, but being a working mom of two I’m learning is much, much tougher. It’s double the stress, double the emotion. And with working, also comes pumping. To me, continuing to breastfeed is a priority, so pumping will have to be a way of life for the time being!

For this gift guide, I’ve picked out a list of items I would deem as both must haves, and great gift ideas for workings mamas who are also pumping. Being a working mom is hard enough, but add in pumping and it seems to take it to a whole new level. There’s the constant pump part and bottle cleaning, stress and anxiety over pumping output, the sheer time during the workday it takes to pump 2-3 times, and the disruption it causes in your workday – as soon as you get into a rhythm and start to get some work done, it’s time to pump again. The items on this list will hopefully make the whole process a little easier, a little more enjoyable, and act as a nice little reward for all your hard work! Both at the pump, and in your job!

All of the items on this gift guide can be found on Amazon, for under $50, with one splurge item if you’re feelin’ frisky. Treat yourself, or treat a pumping mom in your life! Some of these items could even double as stocking stuffers. Get creative! I’m all about practical gifts these days!

pumping mom must haves


  • Yeti Coffee Tumbler – For the moms who can’t seem to keep their coffee warm, or who have a long commute, a quality coffee thermos is a must! Pumping is exhausting, so bring on the caffeine! (In modest amounts of course…remember not to drink too much caffeine so it doesn’t affect baby!)

  • Hydro Flask Tumbler with Lid – I have been a huge fan of Hydro Flasks for years, and this tall tumbler with straw lid of theirs is on my own Christmas list this year! Their cups keep liquids hot for hours, and cold for hours, and come in awesome colors. Breastfeeding and pumping makes you crazy thirsty, so having a cute cup for water makes staying hydrated much easier.

  • Initial Necklace – Being away from your babies for hours on end is tough, so any little reminder of them is helpful. I have a similar necklace with A’s initial on it, and have worn it every single day since I received it. When I first went back to work after having her, having this little reminder around my neck made me feel closer to her in a way. And when I would pump, it was one more reminder of why I was doing what I was doing. Every little emotional connection you can make while you pump will help your body let down easier – hormones folks!

  • Hands Free Pumping Bra Attachment – A good pumping bra is ESSENTIAL when it comes to pumping at work. If you can simultaneously work at your computer while you pump, you’ll feel so much more productive. This one in particular is an attachment that you can clip onto your regular nursing bra. Sheer genius.

  • Medela Pump & Save Bags – I just discovered these pump & save bags this second time around and have to say they are AMAZING. You literally pump right into them, instead of pumping into a bottle, then you can just put your bags directly into the freezer if you don’t use them the next day.

  • Loose Fitting Tunic – Let’s be real, nursing makes your boobs huge, and loose fitting tops are the BEST! And, loose fitting tops make nursing and pumping comfortable and convenient. I’ve found that instead of pumping with my shirt off and being able to see how much I’m pumping, it makes it less stressful to just pump under my shirt and not stress about it until I’m done. Plus, it’s winter and um, it’s too cold to pump with your shirt off! A friend of mine recently purchased this tunic and can attest to its cuteness!

  • Loose Fitting Baggy Sweater – See above. If you work in a more casual setting, or you’re like me and you work from home, a loose fitting baggy sweater is the bees knees.

  • Breastmilk Storage Container For The Freezer – How cool is this contraption for storing your breastmilk bags? It has a tray on top where you can lay the bag to freeze, then you can insert the bag and it will keep your bags in date order so you use them before they go bad.

  • Refrigerator White Board For Keeping Track of Frozen Milk – If you’re a pumping mom, odds are you probably have some sort of freezer stash accumulated. I like to keep a running current tally of the amount of ounces I have in the freezer, and when I take a bag out or put a bag in, I update the total.

  • Custom Silicone Bottle Labels – Being a working pumping mom also means you probably use some sort of childcare where you need to label your baby’s bottles. There are tons of stick on labels out there, but these custom silicone band labels are super cute, won’t peel off, and can easily be moved to a different type of bottle or sippy cup if need be.

  • Frame For Lots of Baby Pictures – Like I mentioned above, having an emotional connection to your baby when you start pumping will help your let down. Keeping lots of pictures around while you pump to ooh and ahh over is key. This frame could totally be a DIY project, but it easily displays dozens of photos. I have something similar above my desk that I made with jute and an empty frame.

  • Soothing Candle – Having a nice candle won’t necessarily help you pump more, but it WILL help keep your environment a little more chill and serene, which in turn keeps you less stressed, which COULD help your pumping output. To me, candles are everything! This is my all time favorite candle scent.

  • A Dose of Positivity – Out of everything on this list, I think the most important is this one. Staying positive while pumping and working is not only the hardest thing to do, but it’s so important for your sanity. You’ve got to remain joyful, and try not to dwell on any negative feelings you might be harboring about bring a working mom. The more positive and optimistic you can be, the easier everything will seem. I love the idea of keeping positive affirmations on your desk, to read while you pump.

  • SPLURGE ITEM: Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag – HOW CUTE IS THIS PUMP BAG?! I love it so much! It’s got plenty of space for your laptop, personal items, and your pump parts and pump itself.

Hopefully this gives you some thought starters for the working & pumping mom in your life! Or, maybe you’re the mom and you need a few things to help make your life a little easier.

And as always, this is not meant to shame anyone who chooses not to pump when they return to work. This is simply for those moms who do choose to pump. Being a working mom, regardless of if you continue to breastfeed or not, deserves a medal.

What would you add to this list? What have you used from this list? 


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    November 9, 2018 at 5:54 am

    I want all of those things, minus the pumping part 😉 My boobs are freeee haha. I have a tunic like the baggy sweater and I LOVE it! So darn cute and comfy. Since having the kids, I do not like tight fitting things on me. I would much rather have loose. And yes, all the fun cups and drinks!

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    November 9, 2018 at 8:58 am

    I think I’m just getting everyone I know a yeti tumbler. Done!

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    November 9, 2018 at 10:22 am

    LOVE the slouchy Amazon sweater! I’ve gotten a few oversized sweaters on there and been super happy 🙂 And the volcano candles smell soooo good!

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    Emily Susan
    November 14, 2018 at 2:34 am

    loving this. thank you 🙂
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