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The following product is quite possibly the BEST $6 we’ve spent at a running store thus far. For. Real.

I’ve been having problems with my feet cramping over the past few months, and they seem to strike either right after a long run, at the most random time when I happen to move a certain way, or even when I’m sleeping. The worst one so far was after a 6 mile run last week. I had just finished up my run and was walking back towards my car when I thought I would do one last quick sprint to shake things out. As soon as I started running again the top right of my right foot tensed up so bad I almost fell over! I tried to walk it out but that made it worsen, so I squatted down and tried to massage it out, looking as awkard as possible on this trail. I tried bending my foot, I tried rotating it, I tried massaging the muscles on top of my foot, I tried massaging my ankle which made it hurt even more, and I tried quickly chugging my entire Nalgene water bottle. After probably 15 minutes of self torture the cramp subsided enough for me to drive home. During my cramp attack from Hades I frantically texted Adam informing him that I may not be able to drive home! Ha, just a minor freak out! Adam is always begging me to eat more bananas because he thinks I don’t get enough potassium, which I’m sure he’s onto something, I have no doubt that I don’t get enough potassium. So as soon as I got home I ate a banana, drank another glass of water, and chewed a couple calcium/magnesium tablets. Needless to say, this cramping episode was terrible and is making me really start to wonder why my feet cramp so bad!

I am loyal to my knee high Swiftwick compression socks, which seem to ward off any cramps DURING my long runs, but they still don’t solve my problem. I know it has a lot to do with me not getting enough of the proper minerals, etc, as well as still needing some fresh orthotics for my flat feet. In the meantime though, while we were roaming around the local Fleet Feet store here, Adam came upon this magical product. I thought it seemed like a waste of $6, but believe you me, this little baby is awesome-opposum.

Enter: Foot Rubz.

Literally all you do is rub the ball under your feet, sitting or standing, and voilia. I prefer to use it while standing because I feel like I can apply better pressure, but I may or may not have taken it to work with me and secretly massaged my feet all day under my desk.

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