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Finding The Perfect Glider

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As I sit here in baby brother’s room, lights dimmed, gently rocking in our new glider, I can’t help but pause and think about how our lives are about to change. Any day now, we could meet our sweet son and it’s finally starting to seem real. After spending months and months in denial that this is actually happening, these final weeks of pregnancy have been a reality check. The nursery is finally finished, and it’s become somewhat of a quiet sanctuary after a long day. I’ve been spending a lot of time in his room lately – imagining what it’s going to be like to bring him home, imagining all the sights and sounds we’ll soon soak up as we transition into existing with a toddler and a newborn. I’m feeling all the feelings there are to feel, and I can’t pinpoint just one.

I’m feeling scared – scared about what those first few weeks are going to be like. I’m feeling anxious – anxious about how I’m going to handle sharing my heart with Adeline. I’m feeling nervous – nervous about finding the same kind of love for our baby boy as I had for our baby girl. I’m feeling curious – curious about what labor and delivery is going to be like for the second time. I’m feeling excited – excited to meet this precious soul I’ve been growing inside of me all of this time. I’m feeling thankful – thankful to experience this journey again. I’m feeling at peace – at peace with trusting my body, and trusting that everything will work out perfectly.

Sitting here, feeling all of these emotions also has me reminiscing on those early newborn days with Adeline. Man, we went through the ringer with her it feels like. There were days I’d wonder if we’d make it out alive! There were also days I remember feeling incredibly alone – like no one else could possibly understand what I was going through. Sure, Adam was always by my side, but dads just don’t experience those days in the same way that us mamas do. Especially if you’re nursing. There are so many quiet moments us mamas experience that are sealed away in the vault of our memories. Private, precious moments between just us and our babies that no one else ever laid eyes on. Those memories are forever tucked away in my heart – the good, and the bad.

This may sound crazy, but in the nursery, the glider also sees everything, and hears everything. It’s the one place you spend the MOST time bonding with your new baby. It’s like a fly on the wall. The glider is that one quiet place of refuge when times get tough. It’s where you calm your baby, and sometimes it’s where your baby calms you. It’s what comforts you, as you comfort your baby late into the night. The glider is there for so many raw and candid moments, and if it could talk, oh the tales it would tell. If I think back on some of the most difficult moments I experienced as a new mom, there are way too many to count that occurred in the glider. So many tears were shed, prayers were prayed, and tired, thankful smiles were shared. And the glider saw, and heard it all. The glider watched me become a mom.

Since I’m planning on breastfeeding again, I plan on spending many late night and early morning hours figuring things out again in the glider. It’s already one of my favorite places to sit in the house, and I can’t wait to experience those fleeting newborn days in it again. We actually ended up being really disappointed with the quality of our first glider, and can barely stand it these days as we rock Adeline to sleep. It creaks, is so uncomfortable, and honestly has about a handful of mystery screws missing that have fallen out over time! I would basically never recommend it to anyone. Needless to say, a high quality glider this time around was high on our wish list, and it’s the one thing we’re glad we spent a little extra money on.

While registering at buybuy BABY, we spent a good amount of time in the glider section. They had what seemed liked nearly two dozen floor models to sit in and try out, and we each took turns sitting down and placing our vote for the most comfortable one. We wanted to stick to a price point that we felt good about, ideally in the $300-400 range. Since our first glider ended up being not so great, we knew this would be a solid investment that would totally be worth it. The glider we went with was the Delta Children Reston Glider Swivel Rocker in Flax. We also ordered the matching ottoman. We loved the size, the simple look of it, and most importantly, the comfort level. The cushioning is leaps and bounds ahead of our old glider, and when we rock, or swivel, it doesn’t creak! Praise!

To purchase the glider, we actually ordered it in-store using one of buybuy BABY‘s furniture consultants. I was going to order it online myself, but since I had a combination of coupons and gift cards to use, I wanted to make sure the transaction went smoothly and I didn’t miss anything. Plus, the glider (sold separately) was actually out of stock and on backorder at the time, so our store had to order it directly from Delta Children. They originally told us it wouldn’t arrive for 4-6 weeks (well after our due date!) but it actually came YESTERDAY! The glider itself came in about 4 business days – super quick! The consultant who helped us place our order was super helpful, and helped me make sure all of my coupons and gift cards were applied correctly, which helped save us a pretty penny!

I absolutely love the flax color, and think it fits into baby boy’s nursery perfectly. The floor model was actually a light grey, so I wasn’t able to see the exact color until it was delivered. Thankfully, it’s a great neutral beige shade, and could easily work in any sort of nursery. If you’re looking for a nice upholstered glider, that won’t break the bank or your back after countless hours of nursing, I’m feeling confident that our Delta Children Reston glider was a good call.

We’re counting down the days until baby brother makes his arrival, and I can’t wait to love him to pieces in the arms of our glider.



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    Jana Antil
    July 27, 2018 at 9:15 am

    Love it Sarah! I know you will spend many of nights in that rocker. Soak it in! You know it goes so fast. I am already missing those newborn days!
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    Annette Brown
    July 27, 2018 at 11:15 am

    Such a sweet post! I am so excited for you and your journey with your new son. The glider looks like a dream, even for someone like me who doesn’t have babies yet! 🙂 I love how easy that experience with Buy Buy Baby was for you! Definitely makes me take a mental note on where to buy one day for myself!

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