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Featured: Live Half Full – Working Motherhood

Today’s post is a little different – I’m actually featured on a good friend of mine’s blog! Katie, of Live Half Full, has started an incredible series where she interviews working moms, “My Full Life”. So far, all of the stories she’s shared have been inspirational and shed light on the positive side of working motherhood. I highly encourage you to scroll back through and check out some of the other moms.

featured on live half full

Katie interviewed me several months ago, so it was fun to read back through my answers.

So, to be clear, my decision to work wasn’t, “to work or not to work” it was “financially I have to work so find a way to be happy about it.” The part I struggled with was coming to the realization that that was just the situation we were in. That me continuing to work was in fact the best and most ideal scenario for our family.

It’s funny looking back now because I think it just goes to show that God has a plan, and even though you might feel like your situation is permanent, it’s most likely not. Your role as a mother is not defined by whether or not you work, but I think working moms face a special challenge of feeling content.

We could probably swing me staying home now, if we really wanted to, but the honest truth is that I actually don’t want to at the moment. And that’s okay! Not everyone’s goal is to be a full time SAHM. In the past 2 years of being a working mom, I’ve really honed in on what my priorities are, and what our goals as a family are for the immediate and long-term future. And by combining those two things, it makes the most sense for me to continue working for the time being, in at least some capacity. Unfortunately, really adultish things like insurance and 401k’s are things we have to consider these days, and I’d be lying if I said that didn’t weigh heavily into our decisions as well.

We’ve found a great balance, routine, and a happiness that feels genuine. I truly believe I am currently the best mom that I can be.

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