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Father’s Day: What I Really Want

Father’s Day is quickly approaching which means Sarah needs me to make a list of things I want to post on her blog rather than just asking me what I want…I’m kidding, kind of. I don’t have too many Father’s Days under my belt, but the best part about it is spending time with Sarah and the kid who makes me a dad. Sure, we all have those times that we just want to get away, see a movie alone, or play video games, but that’s not what makes the day special. On a daily basis, Adeline makes me feel like a super-hero mixed with a comedian mixed with a teddy bear, and Father’s Day  is the perfect time to acknowledge all those things and celebrate them. If I was being honest, this list would consist of taking Adeline to Cabelas then sharing a Gnome Cone but that can happen any day.

Gift giving gets tougher as you get older. The list of actual “needs” starts to dwindle and “wants” tend to get quite utilitarian. The best bet is to find something meaningful, especially between your child and their dad, but here are some things that I would love to get regardless. Since we are running a bit low on time, I’ll keep it short and sweet and share a few things that are available locally for pickup or will ship quick.


Women aren’t the only ones who love flowers. I usually play it off as a gift for Sarah when I come home once a week with fresh flowers from Trader Joes, but it’s really because I love having something natural and alive in the house.


Sarah learned long ago that I can never have too many knives. I am usually very utilitarian with my knives and use them as the tools they are for cutting boxes or cables but every guy needs something nicer to carry around. I have a Benchmade Griptilian that I don’t mind banging on things, and a Case that I got my groomsmen, but it is too nice not to carry in certain situations.


This is an easy one, just go through the closet and find the clothes with the most holes in them. I guarantee that every guy needs some form of clothing and is too lazy to get it themselves…or that might just be me.

Workout Equipment

My recent foray into a healthier lifestyle showed me that I have a severe lack of gear for my workouts. My daily workouts only require a mat, dumbbells, and water, but I only had my old yoga mat and dumbbells that Sarah received from here. If your guy is working on getting fit, maybe a set of heavy dumbbells or a couple kettle bells would be perfect.


This is my bread and butter. I can talk for days about weird tech gadgets. If your guy is anything like me, there are all sorts of little things he wants but wouldn’t get himself. Things like a USB Hub/Headset holder, external battery pack, new keyboard, wireless charging lamp, or even just some power cords.

Dinner of His Choice

Dinner should be a given. I don’t even want a fancy steakhouse dinner, but a place that I choose and Sarah says “yes” and not “sure, I guess.” Any other husband/wives out there have totally different tastes in food?

Bonus! A nice handmade pen from Ingle Woodcraft is sure to please!

What’s on your Father’s Day wish list? 


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    June 15, 2018 at 11:19 am

    My husband could for sure use some new clothes! I don’t know if he would care much about flowers, though. But I could be wrong! Last year I bought him a nice rain coat, and he loved that. It’s something you need when you need it but not something you think about the rest of the time!
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