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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For New Dads or Future Dads

Father’s Day is coming up ya’ll! If the dads in your life are anything like mine, you know they are IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY FOR! Seriously, why is shopping for dudes so difficult?

With this being Adam’s very first official Father’s Day, I wanted to keep it simple, but also meaningful. I’m planning on doing a fun craft with Adeline, and picking out something thoughtful from me as well.

I’ve rounded up 10 items that I think are great ideas for new dads, as well as links for where to purchase them. I’m assuming I’m not the only new mom out there that’s barely got enough energy to think about dinner tonight, let alone Father’s Day gifts for our baby daddies, our dads, and our father in laws! Hopefully this list for new dad gifts will give you a good place to start!

father's day gift ideas for new dads

  1. A framed photo of dad with baby! Easy peasy. Perfect for his office. – Framed Photo
  2. An engraved daddy hammer. This one from Etsy says “It takes a dad to build a home.” Presh. – Engraved Hammer from Etsy
  3. Shutterfly custom dad coffee mug. I made one for Adam for Valentine’s Day, and it’s also what I ordered for my own dad for Father’s Day earlier this week. (side note- totally thought Father’s Day was THIS Sunday, but at least I’m ahead of the game. Oops!) – Shutterfly Photo Coffee Mug
  4. Yeti tumbler. I love these, though they are a bit pricey. I thought it was cute that it had “est. 2015” as well! – Yeti tumbler
  5. #DADLIFE koozie. This would be a super cheap, quick and easy gift if your ‘dad’ enjoys a cold beverage every now and again, or is addicted to Mountain Dew like a certain dad I know… – EmersonGraceBoutique #Dadlife koozie
  6. Engraved papa bear grill set from Etsy. So cute! Adam loves grilling, so this would be so cute to put him and his little bear cub on it! – Engraved grill set
  7. Milk and Honey “Sip coffee and build stuff” t-shirt. Could this describe Adam any better?? This company makes adorable t-shirts and tanks. – Milk and Honey Tee
  8. A date night! Any new dad will tell you it’s been 10 million years since he’s had a nice date night with his special lady. Seriously! Dig out that sexy little black dress, and take him out to dinner to celebrate his new found “dad” title. A little extra quality time will be good for the both of you! – Little black dress
  9. A craft from the baby! I won’t explain this one. Just check out Pinterest for more ideas than you could ever want! – All the Father’s Day craft ideas
  10. New headphones. Some fresh new headphones might be a sweet gesture if he listens to music at work or hits the gym daily. – New headphones

What would you add to the list?

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